The library offers several search interfaces: Orbis and MORRIS search the library and law library catalogs, Articles+ for journals and newspapers, and several digitized collection searches. The many search interfaces present a challenge to our patrons, who should not have to select the correct search depending on the material they need. The library will combine several of these search interfaces into one unified Yale Library search, which over time should become a comprehensive search interface.

The unified search relies on a Solr index and Blacklight interface. Search results from numerous sources will be brought back into the unified search using a "bento box" approach. In this method results from the catalogs will be in one box, results from Articles+ will be in a second, digitized material in a third, and so on. The bento box approach is used by several libraries participating in the Hydra consortium, notably Columbia's CLIO. Yale is working closely with Columbia developers to adapt the Quicksearch code to Yale's search resources.

Resources that will be available in new unified search include:

  • Search for records in Orbis and MORRIS catalogs
  • Search for articles from Summon 
  • Search for digitized material in Findit

The Quicksearch project has a blog with project updates at http://campuspress.yale.edu/libraryunifiedsearch.

*Please note that currently Quicksearch is in Beta, and is supported Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 5pm only.

Library IT staff working on the project

Primary contact: Kalee Sprague

Collaborating staff: Mike Friscia, Yue Ji, Lakeisha Robinson, Bob Rice

Partners / collaborating departments

Quicksearch Implementation Team:

Metadata Services and Catalog Management: Arcadia Falcone

Law Library: Scott Matheson

Discovery & Systems Metadata Committee:

Catalog and Metadata Services, Dominique Bourassa

Manuscripts & Archives, Mary Caldera (through June 2014)

Manuscripts & Archives, Maureen Callahan (June 2014 -)

Metadata Services and Catalog Management, Arcadia Falcone

Law Library, Cate Kellet

Metadata Services and Catalog Management, Youn Noh

International Collections Support Services (ICSS), Keiko Suzuki

**Plus numerous staff throughout the Library system who participate in organized testing, help conduct user studies, and provide informal feedback.  Thank you!


Discovery & Systems Metadata

The goal of the Discovery & Systems Metadata group is to optimize the user experience in Blacklight by identifying metadata standards that enhance discovery, search, and display.  The group works closely with, and serves as a clearing house for, recommendations created in various groups within the Library for mapping MARC records, digital records, archival records, and others to Ladybird, Fedora, and Blacklight. 

The group's first sprint occurred January 15 - 17.  The focus of the sprint was to identify the initial MARC to SOLR mapping values needed for ingesting Orbis/Morris records into Blacklight.  Results from the sprint are available on the Library IT SharePoint site.  Feel free to contact any member of the group with questions.  Group members include: Dominique Bourassa, Arcadia Falcone, Kate Kellet, Youn Noh, Jenn Nolte, Kalee Sprague (Chair), and Keiko Suzuki.

Our second sprint occurred September 9-11.  The first day of the sprint began with an initial Quicksearch testing session.  After testing, the Discovery Metadata group engaged in an intensive 3-day sprint to go through responses, categorize them, and make recommendations for the metadata-related issues.  A detailed description of the results can be found in the related blog posting.

User Experience Advisory Committee

The User Experience Advisory Committee is a new committee that will ensure the library’s major digital interfaces provide an enjoyable, useful and consistent user experience.  Members represent the following areas in the library: Access Services, Student Education, Web and web content maintainers from across the library system, Public Services representatives from RIO, Special Collections, and Communications.  The User Experience Advisory Committee will review all major design and feature decisions made in the Quicksearch project and provide feedback.  They will also review user documentation and help plan the Quicksearch rollout to users.  You can see minutes from the User Experience Advisory Committee at http://web.library.yale.edu/lit/projects/web.


  • Early Fall 2014 - Orbis, MORRIS and Articles+ in unified search for initial staff review
  • Early Fall 2014 - Redesigned unified interface 
  • Winter 2015 - Quicksearch soft rollout to public (includes Orbis, Morris, Articles+)
  • Spring 2015 - Continuing development, including:
    • Addition of a new datasource highlighting Yale archives and history materials in the Library
    • Display of Morris Holdings information using the III API
    • Fixes for several Orbis holdings bugs and upgrade of holdings layout in response to User Studies
    • Upgrade of Google Analytics statistics gathering
    • Implementation of new F5 load balancer system architecture
  • Summer 2015 - Continuing development, metadata analysis, and outreach including:
    • Indexing analysis and documentation
    • In-depth search testing and User documentation
    • Fullfillment - Aeon requests, Scan and Deliver, Finding Aid requests, Request in Orbis, Request in Morris, Borrow Direct, ILL
    • Articles+ Improvements
    • Extract and Ingest auditing with Dashboard for tracking statistics
    • Road-shows & Information sessions
  • Fall 2015 - Quicksearch becomes a production system with 24 hour support, and becomes more prominent on the library home page
    • Implementation of WCAG 2.0 Accessibility guidelines
    • Finalize modifications in response to User Studies
    • Integration of Library Web Search
    • Finalize Help Documentation and Communications plan
  • January 2016 - Quicksearch becomes the default search on the Library home page