Appropriate Use Policy for Staff Workstations

Library staff need access to a Library staff workstation in the course of their work at Yale. Access may be for a variety of reasons, for example, cataloging or purchasing of books, checking work-related e-mail messages or to assist students doing research. It is important to remember that staff workstations are University property provided for work use only and are not to be considered personal property. Inappropriate use of staff workstations can render workstation equipment damaged or inoperable, thereby reducing staff productivity, and can potentially increase liability risks for the Library and the University.

With these issues in mind, all Library staff should observe the following:

Secure Computing

Staff should make every effort to adhere to all secure computing practices outlined on the Yale ITS Cybersecurity guidelines.

Software Installation or Modifications

Installation, removal or alteration of any software, hardware, or system settings on the computers is prohibited unless you have been directed to do so by your departmental EPT&SStaff. If you wish to have a non-standard software installed on your workstation, please submit a service request to EPT&S.

Note that EPT&S staff periodically scan Library workstations for unauthorized software installations. Maintaining the integrity of staff workstations may require immediate access to a staff workstation by an EPT&S staff member or local distributed support provider.

University’s Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy

Staff is required to adhere to the University’s Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy (Policy 1607), which describes other prohibited activities.

Specific use guidelines for YUL staff are as follows:

Harassing or threatening use. This category includes, for example, display of offensive, sexual material in the workplace.

Use in violation of University policy. Use in violation of other University policies also violates this Appropriate Use Policy. Relevant University policies include, but are not limited to, those regarding sexual harassment and racial and ethnic harassment, as well as University, departmental, and work-unit policies and guidelines regarding incidental personal use of IT Systems.

Personal Account Responsibility. Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their own IT Systems accounts and passwords and may not share passwords without the authorization of the System Administrator.

Condition of University Access. There may be times where the University needs to gain access to a workstation without prior consent, the ‘Condition of University Access’ policy is outlined in section 1607.2 of the University’s Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy.

Please be aware that violations of the library or university computer policies may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. 

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