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News from OHAM - Spring 2018

Jason Moran. Photo Credit Left:
February 9, 2018

New interviews: Since last summer, Oral History of American Music (OHAM) staff have conducted interviews with Robert Carl, Wayne Escoffery, Michael Gordon, Robert Kyr, David Lang, and Morton Subotnick. All interviews will be catalogued and transcribed and will be available to researchers in the near future. Consult OHAM's website on how to access these materials.

Future interviews: OHAM will continue its collaboration with the Yale School of Music by conducting video interviews with all first-year graduate composers.  With this initiative, OHAM contributes to the students’ professional experience and education by providing a serious interview opportunity while growing its collection by adding interviews with these promising young artists at the beginning of their careers. Interviews will be conducted in March prior to the Spring Break.

Instagram:  OHAM now has over 1200 followers on Instagram. OHAM welcomes 2018 with a new campaign: #OHAMbirthdays. OHAM will be sending birthday wishes to OHAM interviewees in it's Major Figures Collection. See for example these recent posts featuring Jason Moran and Neely Bruce, as well as Benny Golson.