Science as Art in Artists' Books

February 12, 2019

February 1-May 10, 2019

The adage “more art than science” presupposes an intellectual separation between these two fields. Yet artists and scientists alike ask questions, observe phenomena, experiment with materials, make discoveries, and present information. Since artists’ books often combine textual with visual communication and raise questions about variability alongside reproducibility, they are suitable sites for reconsidering some of the disciplinary debates and divides between art and science. 

These works from Arts Library Special Collections are scientific in subject, method, aesthetic, or some combination thereof. They range from atomic to planetary in scope and from data-driven to much more abstract meditations. Some items explore various histories of science (or pseudoscience), whereas others analyze empirical evidence. Still others draw analogies between the book as object and various natural features.

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Curator: Molly E. Dotson

Image copyright Dudley Zopp. Used with permission.