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What is the Personal Librarian Program?

(make sure you add your own personal greeting in this area)

The above title uses heading style  "Heading 2." What you see in the edit box will be transformed, with the original lower case changed to all upper case but with a font size half of the original.

How can I help you?

(Do not edit this area)

When using heading style with "Heading 3", there will be a blue line across the page under the title. 

Things I don't do (but I'll help you find out who can)

The next heading style of "Heading 4" will create a short line under title.

Other Heading

An example of "Heading 5." You probably shouldn't have to use this.

Smaller Heading size

And this the "Heading 6." Again, probably not needed.

Always make sure you save your changes!

Changes to the Contact Area

** The new Staff Directory change the profile input layout, other that the fileds you see when login to your user profile, most other data fields show after you click "Contact" to open it.

Edits to the photo, contact information and related information happens in your profile, a different page.

Go to, this will ask you to login and go to PL list page, type in your netid to find your PL listing. To edit the profile information click the edit link at the far right. If you click on "Your Full Name" you will go to your PL page.
*Note:  type will always bring you to your own profile page

  1. Related Information will show only on PL page
  2. Data in Profile will show in PL page's "Contact Me" block are the following (you need click "Contact" the "More Contact" to open for more data fields):
  • Do not edit Username, CAS username or e-mail. (You probably won't see these.) 
  • Full Name: you may change to a name you prefer to use. When you change this it will update the URL for your page  (The change will happen after you log in and log off your PL page after you change in your profile page and saved it). It is important you not use special characters in the field as that will break the url.
    ** This name is also used for International Collection page's "Ask" Area!!
  • Title: your work title, you may edit to remove abbreviations. 
  • Image, upload image with landscaping layout with 3 by 4 ratio, minimum of 600px * 800px for better display
    ** Again, for International Collection Page owner, check the image over that area.
  • Phone number 
  • There are 8 contacts, for URL link or Name
     Facebook (URL)   Twitter (URL) Yammer icon Yammer (URL) Google Plus icon Google+ (URL) Feed icon Feed (URL) Linkidin icon Linkedin (URL)
    Google Chat (username) ,  AOL  (username)
  • Other Contact (Title and URL). Use this field if you use another communication method with students not listed above. 
  • Libguid ID, this will create a link to you Libguide profile page, if you don't want it to show on your PL page, then just delete the text in this field box (user the new one for our new libguid system)
  • Office Hours. Enter if applicable. If you don't use office hours simply leave this blank.
  • Department
  • Office Location
  • Building (this will create a link to that building)
  • First Name: this is used for your Libguide profile page shown in the Contact Me block as Myfirstname's Subject Guides. Note this will only display if you have your Libguide ID listed in the Libguid ID box.
  • PL Residential College, select one only if you are assigned to one.
  • Don't touch Personal Librarian area that's used for managing and displaying information.