Yale College Personal Librarian Program

Kayleigh Bohemier

If you have found this page, you are most likely one of my Personal Librarian students. Hello! Working with people one-on-one to master research strategies, teaching workshops, and answering questions/troubleshooting problems from constituents are my favorite parts of being a librarian. I am also a Pierson fellow, so some of you are probably Piersonites! 

When I say answering questions, I mean that you can ask me about most information things:

  • Where to find e- and print newspapers.
  • Which databases have the best information about, let's say, meteorite impacts and mitigation.
  • Why your search query isn't working in Google scholar or one of our databases.
  • How to cite like a champion (AKA graduating from EasyBib, Citation Machine, or BibMe to a university-level reference management tool like RefWorks, Zotero, or Mendeley).
  • Where we hide the Python and Javascript manuals.

Feel free to email me, and we can meet at my office at CSSSI, at Sterling or Bass, or in your favorite coffee or froyo place.

What kinds of skills do I have?

The "How can I help you?" section is standardized text. As I am a science librarian in my other professional work at Yale, I have skill sets that might be helpful to you, depending on your project(s):

  • Mendeley and Zotero, two reference/citation management systems
  • Citing when writing in (La)TeX (a typesetting system used in math-heavy disciplines like physics and astronomy)
  • Databases such as Web of Science, Scopus, the ADS (astronomy), and GeoScienceWorld
  • Google Scholar and other Google products (advanced searching tricks, troubleshooting)
  • RSS feeds and readers
  • Research impact/scholarly communication concepts
  • Maps (how to gain access to the print ones and where to find digital geospatial data)

I look forward to meeting you!

How can I help you?

I will:

  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting new resources and programs especially for students, as well as notices and timely reminders, such as extended Library hours during Reading Week and finals.
  • Answer your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as citation mangement workshops and Borrow Direct.
  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments by helping you articulate your research question, identify the best sources, and formulate your search strategy.
  • Support you even when you're not around (on vacation, or away from Yale doing research).
  • Help you when you don't know where to start, or you can't think of what to do next.

Things I don't do (but I'll help you find out who can)

I won't:

  • Set up your computer (i.e. NetIDs, VPN).
  • Do your research, make photocopies or write your paper for you (well, we won't find someone to write your paper - that part's up to you - but we can put you in touch with The Writing Center or a writing tutor).