Yale College Personal Librarian Program

Lindsay King

How can I help you?

In addition to being your Personal Librarian, I’m the Associate Director for Access and Research Services at the Haas Arts Library. I specialize in reference and instruction for history of art, drama, and theater studies. (Before I was a librarian, I worked in several art museums around the country, so I’m happy to chat about those experiences too.) In other words, I like helping people learn how to find stuff at the library, and I look forward to helping you! I'm also a Fellow and a College Adviser at Morse College. Feel free to stop by my office, email me with questions, or come say hello if you see me in the Morse dining hall.

I'm happy to:

  • Keep you informed by emailing you about Library resources and events 
  • Answer your questions about Library services, policies, or procedures
  • Help you articulate your research questions, formulate your search strategy, identify, get, and cite the best sources
  • Support you even when you’re away from Yale doing research
  • Suggest fun things to do, see, hear, read, or eat

I can't help you with:

  • Setting up your computer (i.e. NetIDs, VPN, software updates)
  • Doing your research or writing for you
  • Appraising works of art like on Antiques Roadshow (people ask me this all the time!)