Yale College Personal Librarian Program

Michael Printy

Welcome to the Yale Library!

I am the Librarian for Western European Humanities. Subjects I cover for the library include French, German, Italian, European History, modern Philosophy, and Western Christianity. I am an historian by training, specializing in German history and the Enlightenment.
My role as your personal librarian is to help you make the best use of the amazing resources the Yale library system has to offer. I can also help you navigate Web resources outside Yale. As an undergraduate here (JE '94), Sterling Memorial Library was one of my favorite places (alongside the 7th floor of Payne-Whitney), and I am thrilled to work here with students and faculty. Please get in touch with me for questions or help about any topic. I can help you find what you are looking for, or figure out who can. 

How can I help you?

I will:

  • Keep you informed with periodic e-mail messages highlighting new resources and programs especially for students, as well as notices and timely reminders, such as extended Library hours during Reading Week and finals
  • Answer your questions about Library policies, procedures and services, such as RefWorks workshops and Borrow Direct
  • Assist with finding information for your research assignments, by helping you articulate your research question, identify the best sources and formulate your search strategy
  • Support you even when you're not around (on vacation, or away from Yale doing research)
  • Help you when you don't know where to start, or you can't think of what to do next

Things I don't do (but I'll help you find out who can)

I won't:

  • Set up your computer (i.e. NetIDs, VPN)
  • Do your research, make photocopies or write your paper for you (well, we won't find someone to write your paper - that part's up to you - but we can put you in touch with The Writing Center or a writing tutor)