Linonia and Brothers Reading Room

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Linonia and Brothers Reading Room

The Linonia and Brothers Reading Room has a seating capacity of 120 (150 standing).   Due to its central location and high use, the Linonia and Brothers Reading Room is only available when the Library is closed to readers. Events must be scheduled outside of Library hours (the event must start a minimum of 2 hours after closing time) and set-up for events should be arranged so as to cause minimum interruption to readers’ use of the Library. Please note that this space is not air-conditioned, but is heated.

Please note that chairs, tables and any other setup must be done by the rental company being used. Chairs and tables are only used for Lecture Hall reservations. None of the furniture in the room can be moved out of the room, but it can be moved around. 

The furniture in this room includes the following:

  • 4 12.5ft x 3.8ft tables
  • 14 green leather couches
  • 17 large green leather chairs
  • 5 small 4ft tables
  • Several other smaller green leather and wooden chairs

Media Equipment
The Linonia and Brothers Reading does not come with AV equipment.  Please contact Media Services (203-432-2650) for any AV equipment needed. 


Administration fee:
The Linonia and Brothers Reading Room is available to Yale-affiliated or Yale-sponsored non-University groups when the Library is not open for services. The administration fee for reserving the L&B room is $500 per day (regardless of length) per event. 

This fee is before the addition of custodial and security services. Costs for those will be added to the charge.

Custodial fee:
A custodial charge will be applied for any setup other than the standard format.  A custodial charge for setup will be determined by the head custodial services depending on the setup.  The number of custodial staff needed for an event is determined by the relevant supervisor and dependent on staff scheduling, workload, and complexity of any necessary set-up or services.  Custodial overtime charges of $90/hour/person will apply (1 custodians per event). Custodial charges may also include 2 hours more than event time for setup of the room, prepping the area and cleanup. 

Security fee:
Events may be scheduled to begin or end at any point outside these hours (8:30 am – 5:00pm ), but security staff must be present if this is the case. Applicable Security overtime charges will apply. Fees for security coverage are charged at $70/hour/person for a minimum of four hours (estimated 3 guards for max of 150 in L&B Room).  The number of security staff needed for an event is determined by the relevant supervisor and dependent on staff scheduling, workload, and complexity of any necessary set-up or services.  Please indicate if you prefer to use either the High Street entrance, Wall Street entrance and or the York Street entrance during your event.  To see the hours for Sterling Memorial Library please click here.

Food Policy

Catering services are the responsibility of the requestor and should be arranged according to University catering policy. Please be advised (and alert your caterer) that there are no red liquids (fruit punch, red wine, spaghetti sauce, etc.) or open flames (sterno cans, candles, etc.) allowed in the Library at any time.

Other than coffee pots, the Fire Marshall does not allow any cooking equipment inside the building. If necessary, cooking equipment can be used in the Selin Courtyard. A fiesta-style party tent with sidewalls and a fire code 701 rating is required in the courtyard for cooking (the tent will be used for staging and equipment storage for the event). The tents cannot be spiked into the ground due to our sprinkler system in the Courtyard (e.g. water barrels are ok to use to ground the tent). Also, please note that cooking tents cannot be used from December through March due to risk of snow.  During this time, Sterling Memorial Library will be able to accommodate receptions only with pre-prepared foods.

There are three 20 amp circuits available.  A list of all cooking equipment being used is required before the event.  Rentals are the responsibility of the requestor and must be delivered and removed in a timely manner coincident with the event.

Any clean-up necessary after a function is the responsibility of the requestor. Please arrange for clean up with your catering provider. All food and paper garbage must be removed at the end of the event and placed outside in the containers in the garbage area on the Wall Street side of the Library.