Library Project Review Committee

SECTION 1: Purpose

The Library Project Review Committee (LPRC) is responsible for reviewing on a quarterly basis all Library project proposals.  These proposals may range from small pilots to the first step in applying for a major grant.  The purpose of the process is to be sure that for any given project:

  • is consistent with the Library’s mission, vision, & guiding principles
  • all the departments/units that will be involved are aware of the project and have agreed to the commitment required to successfully complete;
  • the Library has not over committed its resources or capacities; and
  • the Library is not in competition with itself for Library or University resources or grants.

The exceptions to this process are those projects that are administratively directed by LEC or the University Librarian. 

SECTION 2: Membership

The committee membership will consist of M&Ps, Librarians and AULs.   Members are appointed by the University Librarian. 

One member will be from each of the following departments/units ensuring representation from the wide variety of activities and services across the Library:

  • Access Services
  • Cataloging & Metadata Services
  • Library IT
  • Preservation
  • Special collections
  • Subject liaisons

It is understood that as project proposals are reviewed the committee may reach out to those in the Library with special expertise.

In addition, there will be a position of secretary, open to any Librarian or M&P.  This is a one year appointment made by the University Librarian with the secretary serving as a ‘non-voting’ member of the committee.  The secretary functions as an assistant to the chair by taking meeting notes, maintaining the committee sharepoint/web site, and assisting with the drafting of reports.  This is an opportunity for a Librarian or Manager to be exposed to the project proposal process. 

It is the responsibility of each committee member to represent the interests of the community from which they are appointed and to communicate with that community on a regular basis regarding the committee’s work.


Committee terms will be two years that are staggered so that there are always ‘veteran’ members.   The initial committee will have half of the members appointed to a three-year term and the remaining members to a two-year term.   

The chair will be chosen by the University Librarian and will rotate on an annual basis.  Chairs chosen for year 2 and beyond will be from those in their second year on the committee.

SECTION 4: Calendar

Submission of proposals may be made at any time.  The deadline for review of proposals will be:

  • January 30
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • October 15

SECTION 5: Process

LPRC will develop a process for reviewing proposals whereby each proposal will be reviewed by a sub-group within the committee, followed by discussion by the full committee and determination of a final recommendation.

LPRC will review all proposals and may in the course of reviewing a proposal contact applicants with questions and suggestions regarding the proposal.  LPRC will make a recommendation regarding each proposal and assign a priority rank to each proposal keeping in mind available resources and the overall strategic goals of the Library.  These recommendations and rankings will be reported to the Library Executive Committee (LEC) with LEC making the final determination on all proposals.  Applicants will be notified by the LPRC Chair within sixty days of the review date as to whether the proposal has been approved.

All approved proposals will be posted on the committee sharepoint/web site.  All confidential information will be removed prior to posting.