In Focus: Edited Programs

A physician, Fred O. recalls the health problems resulting from pervasive lice in the Warsaw and Hrubieszów ghettos. He describes his futile attempt to save his parents and the last time he saw them before their murder at a mass grave outside of... see more

Survivors and witnesses describe their experiences during the Holocaust period. Included are a Jesuit priest who was a seminarian in Hungarian-occupied Czechoslovakia; a Jewish woman who was a young girl in Łosice, Poland; another who was... see more

A Jesuit priest, who during the war was a seminarian in Hungarian-occupied Košice, now Slovakia, vividly describes two personal encounters with the suffering and horrors of the Holocaust, and laments his inability to intervene or protest on... see more

Survivors describe specific memories, reflect upon how and why they remember particular incidents, and the impact of these memories on their present lives.

As seen through the eyes of survivors, witnesses, and rescuers who had experiences similar to Anne Frank's, this program takes the viewer beyond the hiding place and the Diary. The testimony excerpts follow the path of the Frank family: their... see more

A child survivor relates his vivid memories of Kraków, the German occupation, and moving to the ghetto and to Płaszów concentration camp. He tells of being smuggled out of the camp and surviving as a street child from age four to seven, with the... see more

A Jew from Poland tells his story with painful deliberation. He describes the liquidation of the Jews of his town, during which he witnesses the murder of this grandmother, and his experiences in the concentration and slave labor camps of Płaszów... see more

A child survivor from Brussels, Belgium, relates her wartime experiences. She tells of her leave taking from her parents, and lovingly recalls the kindness of the priest, nuns, and childless couple who helped her survive in hiding. She also... see more

A survivor from eastern Czechoslovakia relates her wartime experiences in an emotionally powerful and unusually poetic way. She tells of her family's evacuation to a brick factory, their train journey to Auschwitz, and their separation upon... see more

Illustrating his recollections with photographs, a child survivor from Humenné, Slovakia describes an early childhood full of love and warmth in spite of the death of his father when he was three years old. With evident pride in his own... see more

A survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto, Majdanek and Auschwitz relates her wartime experiences and describes her postwar reunion with her husband, whom she had married in the ghetto at the age of 16. She emphasizes her determination to survive as an act... see more

Survivors' reflections on the effects of their Holocaust experiences upon their lives and those of their children.

Many aspects of the history of the Holocaust in the former Yugoslavia are told through the voices of those who survived it. The program includes excerpts of Jews rescued by Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians; a Serbian non-Jewish rescuer whose husband... see more

From the point of view of the child that she was at the time, a survivor of Bergen-Belsen from Bratislava, Slovakia relates her wartime experiences. She tells how, in German- occupied Bratislava, she served as the "ears" of her deaf parents and... see more

A survivor from Mława, Poland tells of his childhood and youth. Recollections of the joyous Passovers of his childhood call to mind his feelings of loneliness at his son's Bar Mitzvah, at which there was no one present from his side of the family... see more

Nineteen first-person accounts of witnesses, including Jews, non-Jews, American POWs, GIs who first entered the camps, a member of the Hitler youth, a Jesuit priest, resistance fighters, and child survivors are woven into a single narrative of... see more