These brief excerpts from testimonies provide a glimpse into the nature and content of the Archive's collection. Each page contains transcripts of several excerpts from a witness' testimony, with a summary of that person's experiences as context.

Additionally, one excerpt from each page can be downloaded as a video clip (a Quicktime movie) or an audio file (in .au format). To obtain software for playing the video segments, browse the Quicktime site.

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Anna W., a Romani survivor, describes experiences in Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Ravensbrück. Her testimony is in German

Christa M., a German witness, encountered prisoners from Dachau.

Edith P., a Czech survivor, describes the dehumanizing conditions of Auschwitz.

Colonel Edmund M., of the United States Army, saw Mauthausen shortly after its liberation

Helen R., a Polish survivor, describes experiences in Majdanek, Plaszow, and Auschwitz.

Marion P., a Dutch rescuer, hid a number of Dutch Jews from Nazi persecution.

Peter S., a German child survivor, recalls his internment in the women's section of Ravensbrück.

Rabbi Baruch G., a Polish survivor, describes forced labor in the Mlawa ghetto.

Rachel G., a Belgian child, survived the war hiding in convents