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8046 Testimony Excerpts - Bystander and Two Survivors

Excerpts from three testimonies. A Jesuit priest, who during the war was a seminarian in Hungarian-occupied Kosice, now Slovakia, vividly describes two personal encounters with the suffering and horrors of the Holocaust and laments his inability to intervene or protest on behalf of the victims. A religious Jew from Poland describes the liquidation of the Jews of his town, including the murder of his grandmother, which he witnessed. He speaks of his experiences in slave labor and concentration camps and tells how he was able to retain his faith and humanity in spite of his wartime experiences. A survivor of the Warsaw ghetto, Majdanek and Auschwitz speaks of her wartime experiences, her postwar reunion with her husband and present pessimism about the world situation. 35 minutes.


8060 Seeing: Witnesses Recall their Experiences

Survivors and witnesses describe their experiences during the Holocaust period. Included are a Jesuit priest who was a seminarian in Hungarian-occupied Czechoslovakia; a Jewish woman who was a young girl in Locise, Poland; another who was deported from the Warsaw ghetto to Majdanek; a Jewish male survivor of Skarzysko-Kamienna; and a woman survivor or Auschwitz. 16 minutes. Excerpts from one of the testimonies in this program are available online.


8061 Future Imperfect

Survivors' reflections on the effects of their Holocaust experiences upon their lives and those of their children. 12 minutes. Excerpts from one of the testimonies are available online.

8064 Parallel Paths

As seen through the eyes of survivors, witnesses and rescuers who had experiences similar to Anne Frank's, this program takes the viewer beyond the hiding place and the Diary. The testimony excerpts follow the path of the Frank family: their move from Germany to Holland; the German invasion; going into hiding; arrest and deportation to Westerbork (the Dutch transit camp), deportation to Auschwitz, transfer to Bergen-Belsen, and Anne Frank's death in Bergen-Belsen. 29 minutes. Excerpts from two of the testimonies included in this program, Helen R. and Marion P., are available online.

8067 And Everything Else Was History

Survivors describe specific memories, reflect upon how and why they remember particular incidents and the impact of these memories on their present lives. 26 minutes.

8076 Witness: Voices from the Holocaust

The stories of nineteen witnesses and survivors -- an American POW, resistance fighters, a Jesuit priest, an American liberator, a Hitler Youth, as well as ghetto and camp survivors -- are woven together to create a narrative of the Holocaust in the words of those who experienced it. Rare historical photographs and footage is also included.Nationally broadcast by PBS in 2000 for Yom Hashoah, it has also appeared on Israeli and Canadian television. 86 minutes. A teacher's guide and educational materials are available. A book of the same title was published by the Free Press. For more information see our publications page.

8081 Yugoslav Voices from the Holocaust

Many aspects of the history of the Holocaust in the former Yugoslavia is told through the voices of those that survived it. The program includes excerpts of Jews rescued by Serbs, Croats, and Bosnians; a Serbian non-Jewish rescuer whose husband was shot for hiding Jews; survivors of concentration camps in Yugoslavia those deported elsewhere; camp escapees; and partisans. The survivor and witness testimonies were recorded in the United States, Israel, and the former Yugoslavia between 1982 and 1996. They tell of the Sephardic Jewish community before the war, life under the Nazis, liberation, and the challenges they faced after the Holocaust. 30 minutes with some subtitles

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