Divinity School Library


409 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

The Yale Divinity Library supports teaching and research in disciplines related to Christianity with particular strength in Bible, theology, and the history of Christianity.  The Day Missions Collection is the strongest collection of its kind anywhere in the world.  The Ministry Resource Center houses material supporting the practice of ministry.

What's Available: 

Public Computer
Natural Light
Individual Tables
Large Tables
Group Study Rooms
Chalk Board/White Board
Eli Express Delivery Location
Electrical Outlets



Visitors not affiliated with Yale University are required to sign into the Divinity Library guest book, located next to the Circulation Desk.

During non-business hours (i.e., evenings after 6:30 pm and weekends) access to the Divinity School building, and hence the library, requires card-swipe access with the Yale ID. The ID cards of students, faculty and staff of the Divinity School are automatically set up for access into the building. However, other Yale students, faculty and staff do not have automatic access into the building on evenings and weekends with their Yale ID cards. Access for Yale affiliates may be requested by contacting the Director of the Divinity Library (phone 432-5292).

Please see the Divinity School Library's Access, Borrowing & Circulation Policies for more information.


The Divinity Library is located within the Divinity School building.  The main entrance is along the north driveway, past the stairs that lead into the quadrangle.  Walk up the driveway until you see a portico over the main entrance. Once inside, bear left and follow the interior corridor around to the library entrance.