General Processing and Related Documents

To: SML Technical Services Staff
From: Steven Arakawa
Date: (Sept. 25 2003 creation date/ For revision date see Effective Date below)

SML Technical Services staff: for your convenience, these are brief notes on special processing to be followed for items cataloged at Sterling Library. If these notes need to be updated or corrected, of if you think other special processing procedures should be listed, ask your Team Leader or unit supervisor to notify a CPDC member.

FLAGS.  (Expect more to be listed as acquisitions processing evolves)

Location flags. ALWAYS leave location flags (including the LSF flag) in books to facilitate processing in Preparations, and be sure the flag is visible.

LSF: Items flagged for LSF now go on a separate truck for Preparations. Use the salmon LSFR flag for restricted items.

PREPARATIONS: Please use call number as in book. (GREEN FLAG). Cataloger should insert when the Preparations label-generator software cannot handle the call number in MFHD 852. If this flag is used, cataloger must write the call number on the verso t.p. Typical examples: a.) Volume in hand is part of a multipart monograph in a classed-together series b.) Volume is being added to a set already transferred to LSF; MFHD loc is lsf, but home location is SML (as indicated on the verso t.p.)

DEPARTMENTAL PAPERBACKS.   Paperbacks for departmentals bypass Preparations and are returned via campus mail (Shipping Room) after cataloging. Exception:  Art paperbacks are sent to Preparations. NOTE: the practice of using Avery labels on departmental paperbacks ceased in Sept. 2001.

DEPARTMENTAL HARDCOVERS. Hardcover books for departmentals are marked like stacks books and are placed on the Binding Truck.

  • EXCEPTIONS: CSSSI hardcovers bypass Preparations and are returned via campus mail (Shipping Room) after cataloging.
  • See also exceptions for Art sublocations
  • Departmental bookjackets are left on the books.
      Effective Date: 
      March 3, 2014