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  1. RDA Toolkit
  2. Term and Code List for (336) RDA Content Types
  3. Term and Code List for (337) RDA Media Types
  4. Term and Code List for (338) RDA Carrier Types
  5. Library of Congress RDA Page
  6. MARC 21 Encoding to Accommodate new RDA Elements
  7. OCLC RDA Resource Page
  8. PCC Training Manual for applying Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records


Call Numbers & Shelflisting
  1. Biography Table
  2. LC Classification Outline (LC)
  3. LC Cutter Table  (Yale)
  4. LC Cataloging & Shelflisting
  5. Regions and Countries Table
  1. Counting non-filing indicators in MARC 21 bibliographic records (PCC)
  2. Fixed Fields Checklist for Voyager (Yale)
  3. Initial definite and indefinite articles (LC)
  4. MARC Standards (LC)
  5. Understanding MARC (LC)
  6. Value Lists for Codes & Controlled Vocabularies
  1. AACR2 Abbreviations (Roman Alphabet) (Yale)
  2. Abbreviations of the Names of Months (Yale)
  3. Abbreviations for Captions: AACR2/ISO (Cornell)
  4. Abbreviations of places (PSU)
Description & Access
  1. Days of the week/Months of the year [use with caution]
  2. Descriptive Cataloging of East Asian Material (LC - AACR2)
  3. End punctuation for variable fields (Yale)
  4. Entry element for surnames with separately written prefixes
  5. Ethiopic script cataloging
  6. Fraktur chart (Yale)
  7. Greek Usage in Cataloging (Princeton)
  8. Julian date converter (USNO)
  9. Metric conversions
  10. Roman numeral conversion
  11. Romanization tables (ALA/LC)
Subject & Form/Genre
  1. Biblical materials (Princeton)
  2. LCSH Genre/Form FAQ (LC)
  3. LCSH Mini-Review #1: Dictionaries and Terminology (Yale) 
  4. LCSH for Folklore: H 1627 (Yale) 
  5. LCSH Headings for Videorecordings (LC) 
  6. LCSH Topical Headings Theoretically Usable as Genre Headings (OLAC)
  7. MeSH Browser (Medical Subject Headings)
  8. Russia/Soviet Union/Former Soviet Republics (Princeton Slavic Team)
  9. Subject Headings for Theological Resources (ATLA presentation by Eric Friede & Jeff Siemon; posted with permission by the authors)