An Embedded Librarian in Cuba: Collaboration, Teaching and Book Buying in Havana

In March 2017, Jana Krentz, Librarian for Latin American Studies at Yale, traveled to Cuba as an embedded librarian in a Yale Course on Cuban history and culture, and as part of the Cuban Initiative of the Council for Latin American & Iberian Studies. During the two-week trip, she continued her work with students and also purchased books for the Yale University Library. On Tuesday June 13 at 2:00 pm (Bass Library L01 A&B), Jana will talk about her integration into the course, her expectations as an embedded librarian, and the reality of that role once in Cuba.

Who Sees What? Experimental Examinations of Factual and Legal Judgments

Can ordinary people be expected to put aside their political predispositions when they serve as jurors in politically charged cases? Are judges just "politicians in robes?" This talk by Dan Kahan, Elizabeth K. Dollard Professor of Law & Professor of Psychology at Yale Law School, will present experimental data addressing these questions and others that bear on the impartiality of law. Join us on Wednesday May 24 at 2:00 pm in William L. Harkness Hall (100 Wall Street) Room 119.

YUAG exhibit “Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light" incorporates library materials

“Lumia: Thomas Wilfred and the Art of Light,” now on view at the Yale University Art Gallery, incorporates materials from the Thomas Wilfred Papers held in Yale University Library’s Manuscripts and Archives. The collection includes Wilfred’s correspondence, drawings, photographs, and miscellaneous materials documenting his professional career.

Music Library receives Grammy Museum grant to preserve Charles Ives materials

The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library at Yale is delighted to announce that it is one of the recipients of a grant from the Grammy Museum.

Generously funded by The Recording Academy, the Grant Program provides funding annually to organizations and individuals to support efforts that advance the archiving and preservation of the recorded sound heritage of the Americas for future generations, in addition to research projects related to the impact of music on the human condition.

Collections in Conversation: Photobooks at the Arts & Beinecke Libraries

Photographs have had a home in the book format since the earliest days of photography. However, the interest in and study of the ‘photobook’ as a form is a more recent phenomenon. The definition of a photobook is still fluid in critical discussions, and perhaps it is this lack of rigid characteristics that makes the art form so interesting to collect and study.

Maps in the Yale Library Collections

Yale University Library recently resumed access to its map collections, following work over the last six months on a major digitization project that will eventually create digital (or raster) images of the approximately 20,000 rare sheet maps that have been transferred from Sterling Memorial Library to the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Maps digitized to date can be viewed here.

Know your limits: Download responsibly

Yale University Library provides access to an extraordinary wealth of online resources, including journals, e-books, and digitized archives.  Most resources are acquired through license agreements that explicitly prohibit systematic downloading of large quantities of content.  When large-scale downloading occurs (intentionally or unintentionally), publishers protect their content by shutting down our access.  Access may be blocked only for the IP address from which the improper traffic originates, but can also extend to the entire Yale network. 


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