Date and place of capture (MARC 033)

Music Cataloging at Yale MARC tagging

The 033 contains information regarding the date and/or place of the recording session, when this information is stated on the item. The data encoded in the 033 corresponds to the information found in the 518 field, and may also appear in the 511 or 245.

Use a single 033 field when:

  • There is a single work;
  • There are multiple works, but the date and/or place of recording applies to the recording as a whole;
  • There is an approximate date or range of dates;
  • A single place of recording is implied, but not stated explicitly.

Use multiple 033 fields when:

  • There is more than one work and different dates and/or places are specified for each work;
  • When the relationship of dates and places cannot be included in a single 033 field.

SOURCE: Jay Weitz, Music Coding and Tagging, p. 84- 85

1st indicator: date

[blank] = no date information
0 = single date
1 = multiple single dates
2 = range of dates

2nd indicator: type of event

[blank] = no information provided
0 = capture information
1 = broadcast information
2 = finding information

For musical sound recordings, the second indicator is 0 in most cases.

‡a = Date of capture, when known. There are eight numbers:
year (4 digits), month (2 digits), and day (2 digits). Hyphens are supplied for any part of the date that is not known:

Coding in 033 Field Note in 518 Field
033 00 1988---- 518     Recorded in 1988.
033 00 198805-- 518     Recorded in May 1988.
033 00 19880503 518     Recorded May 3, 1988.
033 10 19850503 ‡a 19880620 518     Recorded May 3, 1988 and June 20, 1988.
033 20 19850503 ‡a 19880620 518     Recorded between May 3, 1988 and June 20, 1988.

‡b = Geographic classification area code. These are four-number codes assigned to place of recording. The code can be as specific as a state or province, or as general as a country. Codes are taken from LC Class G. Each code in the table looks like this: 5830/4. This is the code for France. When the information concerning place is no more specific than the country, use the first code: 5830. When a city within the country is specified, use the second code: 5834, and assign a code for the city in ‡c.

‡c = Geographic classification subarea code. This is the two- digit code assigned to cities within the larger geographic areas tagged in ‡b. Most of these codes are also assigned by LC, as found in Class G or in online LC bibliographic records. If a code does not appear in either place, formulate one by using the LC shelflisting table.

For a chart of codes for countries (‡b), both with and without city (‡c), see Geographical area and sub-area codes for the 033 field.


Coding in 033 Field Note in 518 Field
033 0   ‡b 5834 ‡c P3 518     Recorded in Paris, France. [no date information given]
033 00 1988---- ‡b 5834 518     Recorded in France in 1988.
033 20 19880503 ‡a 19880620 ‡b 5834 ‡c P3 518     Recorded in Paris, France, between May 3 and June 20, 1988.
Commonly used codes:
New York City:
Los Angeles:
‡b 3804 ‡c N4
‡b 5754 ‡c L7
‡b 4364 ‡c L6