Format of notated music (MARC 348)

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Note: this page was created with music cataloging at Yale in mind.

The 348 field is used to indicate musical or physical layout of the content of a resource that is presented in the form of musical notation. It is used in addition to the 300 field and any applicable 655 fields and may contain data that duplicates that in the 300 and/or 655 fields.

Both indicators are blank.
‡a = Format of notated music: term taken from the chart below.
‡2 = Source of term: rdafnm (RDA Format of Notated Music)

Note that the terms are used in the singular, for example "part," even when the resource has more than one part.

348 __ ‡a score ‡2 rdafnm
348 __ ‡a part ‡2 rdafnm
348 __ ‡a score ‡a part ‡2 rdafnm
348 __ ‡a vocal score ‡2 rdafnm
348 __ ‡a study score ‡a part ‡2 rdafnm

Formats of notated music and definitions
Term Definition
chorus score a score of a work for solo voices and chorus showing only the parts for chorus, at least in those portions of the work in which the chorus sings, with the instrumental accompaniment either arranged for keyboard or other chordal instrument or omitted.
condensed score a score in which the number of staves is reduced to two or a few, generally organized by instrumental sections or vocal parts, and often with cues for individual parts.
part the music for the use of one or more, but not all, performers;
for music for a solo performer, see score.
piano conductor part music consisting of a performance part for a piano performer in an ensemble, with cues for the other instruments that enable the performer of that part also to conduct.
piano score a score consisting of the reduction of an instrumental work or a vocal work with instruments to a version for piano.
score notated music consisting of graphical, symbolic, or word-based musical notation representing the sounds of all the parts of an ensemble or a work for solo performer or electronic media.
study score a score issued in a musical image of reduced size, not primarily intended for use in performance.
vocal score a score showing all vocal parts, with the instrumental accompaniment either omitted or arranged for a keyboard or other chordal instrument or instruments.

sources: 348 Format of Notated Music (OCLC) and RDA Format of Notated Music