Distinguishing between Catalan and Spanish

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This information was compiled from: Piska, Karel. Catalan language; Watkins, Thayer. Catalan.
Allen, C.G. A manual of European languages for librarians. London ; New York : Bowker [for] the London School of Economics, 1975.


Catalan has a lack of rising diphthongs (such as ie and ue)
Catalan Spanish English
be, bo bien, bueno well, good
Catalan has an abundance of falling diphthongs
Catalan Spanish English
peu, bou pie, buey foot, ox
English, Catalan, Spanish, and Portuguese spellings of the same sound
English Catalan Spanish Portuguese
ny ny ñ nh
y_ ll ll lh
_own _an _an _ão
_n _n _n _m

Definite and indefinite articles in Catalan and Spanish

definite articles indefinite articles
Catalan M F N M F
singular el, l' >la, l' --- >un >una
plural els les --- uns unes
Spanish M F N M F
singular el la, el lo un in(a)
plural los las --- unos unas

Numbers in Catalan and Spanish



  Catalan Spanish   Catalan Spanish
1 un, una uno,una 1st primer primer(o)
2 dos, dues dos 2nd segon segundo
3 tres tres 3rd Terç(er) tercer(o)
4 quatre cuatro 4th quart cuarto
5 cinc cinco 5th cinquè quinto
6 sis seis 6th sisè sexto
7 set siete 7th setè séptimo
8 vuit ocho 8th vuitè octavo
9 nou nueve 9th noveè noveno
10 deu diez 10th desè décimo
11 onze once 11th onzè undécimoo
40 quaranta cuarenta 40th --- cuadragesimo
12 dotze doce 12th --- duodécimo
13 tretze trece 13th --- decimotercio
14 catorze catorce 14th --- decimocuarto
15 quinze quince 15th --- decimoquinto
16 setze dieciséis 16th --- decimosexto
17 disset diecisiete 17th --- decimoseptimo
18 divuit dieciocho 18th --- decimoctavo
101 cent un siete 101st --- ---
19 dinou diecinueve 19th --- decimonono
20 vint veinte 20th --- vigesimo
21 vint-i-un veintiun(o) 21st vint-i-unè vigesimo primo
30 trenta treinta 30th trentè trigesimo
31 trenta-un treinta y un(o) 31st --- ---
50 cinquanta cincuenta 50th --- quincuagesimo
60 seixanta sesenta 60th --- sexagesimo
70 setanta setenta 70th --- septuagesimo
80 vuitanta ochenta 80th --- octogèsimo
90 noranta noventa 90th --- nonagesimo
100 cent siete 100th --- cntésimo
200 dos-cents,
siete 200th --- ducentesimo
1,000 mil siete 1,000th --- milésimo