Cutter numbers for titles

Music Cataloging at Yale Call numbers

See Using the Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author table for more information.
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Word or name of instrument Cutter   Word or name of instrument Cutter   Word or name of instrument Cutter
Anthem A627   Lieder L718   Requiem R427
Aria A696   Lute L97   Rhapsody R468
Ballet B191   Lyre L99   Romance R758
Bassoon B3   Magnificat M197   Rondo R771
Cantata C229   March M315   Sarabande S243
Chanson C458   Minuet M668   Septet S479
Chorale C551   Motet M917   Serenade S483
Clarinet C5   Music M987   Sextet S518
Concerto C744   Nocturne N759   Sinfonia S616
Dance D173   Nonet N812   Solo S689
Divertimento D618   Oboe O1   Sonata S698
Double bass D7   Octet O21   Song S698
Duet D852   Opera O61   Suite S948
Elegy E38   Oratorio O63   Symphony S989
Etude E85   Orchestra O64   Tarantella T176
Fanfare F211   Organ O68   Theme T383
Fantasy F216   Overture O96   Toccata T631
Flute F6   Pantomine P198   Trio T834
Fugue F958   Partita P273   Trombone T84
Gigue G461   Percussion P4   Trumpet T87
Guitar G9   Piano P5   Variations V299
Harp H2   Piece P613   Violin V795
Harpsichord H2   Prelude P924   Viola V795
Horn H8   Psalm P974   Violoncello V796
Introit I61   Quartet Q1   Waltz W241
Interlude I61   Quintet Q7   This space intentionally blank