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NOTE: The names may or may not be in RDA form; diacritics may be omitted
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Cutter Name Comments
H113 Hába, Alois, 1893-1973
H141 Hagerup Bull, Edvard, 1922-2012 B935 in M357.4
H148 Hahn, Reynaldo, 1875-1947
H135 Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1749; cutter as Händel, or as Haendel
H155 Hakim, Naji, 1955-
H169 Halffter, Cristóbal, 1930-
H218 Hamilton, Iain, 1922-2000
H135 Handel, George Frideric, 1685-1749 (cutter as Händel)
H255 Harbison, John
H315 Harris, Roy, 1898-1979
H319 Harrison, Lou, 1917-2003
H332 Hartley, Walter S. (Walter Sinclair), 1927- H325 in M317
H333 Hartmann, Karl Amadeus, 1905-1963 H333 and H3331 in ML410
H338 Hartzell, Eugene
A749 Harut'yunyan, Alek'sandr Grigori, 1920-2012 cutter as Arutyunyan H338 in M1206
H354 Hasse, Johann Adolf, 1699-1783
H368 Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman H366 in ML410
Hauer, Josef Matthias, 1883-1959 H3685 in M1045
H369 Haufrecht, Herbert, 1909-1998
H415 Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809 For use of work numbers in call numbers for Haydn's string quartets or symphonies, see Special procedures for Haydn
H4155 Haydn, Michael, 1737-1806
H434 Healey, Derek, 1936-
H465 Heiden, Bernhard
Heider, Werner, 1930- H464 in M25; H4645 in M11; H466 in M557
H466 Heiller, Anton, 1923-1979 H465 in M11, M25; H465 and H466 in M9; H477 in M1005
H468 Heinichen, Johann David, 1683-1729
H526 Hensel, Fanny Mendelssohn, 1805-1847 H5262 in ML134, ML410; H5257 in M25
H528 Henze, Hans Werner, 1926-2012
H537 Herbert, Victor, 1859-1924
H584 Warlock, Peter, 1894-1930
cuttered as Heseltine, Philip, 1894-1930
use W277 in M3.1, M1102, M1620 (but H584 in M1620.3), ML410, ML2831
H591 Hétu, Jacques, 1938-2010
H632 Hidas, Frigyes
H652 Hiller, Lejaren, 1924-1994 H5621 in ML410
H662 Hindemith, Paul, 1895-1963
H687 Hoddinott, Alun
H711 Hoffmeister, Franz Anton, 1754-1812 H7115 in M1001, M1015; H699 and H711 in M1021, H71 in M1014
Hoffstetter, Roman, 1742-1815 For works attributed to Haydn, cutter as H415
H713 Hofmann, Josef, 1876-1957
Hofmann, Leopold, 1738-1793
Hofmann, Richard, 1844-1918 M7135 in M287, M351
H723 Holborne, Anthony, -1602
V7471 Holm, Peder
H747 Holmboe, Vagn, 1909-1996
H756 Holst, Gustav, 1874-1934
H772 Honegger, Arthur, 1892-1955
H781 Hook, Mr. (James), 1746-1827
H846 Hovhaness, Alan, 1911-2000 H845 in M1039.4 X9; H845 and H846 in M1001, M1045; H8455 in M557.4
H859 Howells, Herbert, 1892-1983
H925 Hummel, Bertold H924 in M25 H9248 in M226, M385, M552, M1613.3; H9255 in M322
Hummel, Johann Nepomuk, 1778-1837
H926 Humperdinck, Engelbert, 1854-1921
H968 Husa, Karel, 1921-