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Instrumental music: cello | clarinet | flute | guitar | horn | oboe | organ | piano | saxophone | trombone | viola | viola da gamba
Vocal music: chorus | hymns | motets | opera | song

Instrumental music
Cello A catalogue of twentieth-century cello ensemble music (pdf)
Clarinet Clarinet compositions
The clarinet quintet
Flute Claudia's flutepage (composers and flutists)
Guitar Boije Collection in the Music Library of Sweden
Classical guitar composers list - alphabetical
Classical guitar library (digital versions of guitar music in the public domain)
Las compositoras españolas de obras con guitarra
Max Eschig guitar catalog, pdf, 2001
Guitar composers of the classical and early romantic period, circa 1780-1900
The guitar in Italy in the nineteenth century, sixty biographies of Italian composers and guitarists (PDF; Internet archive version of 12/6/05)
Illiustrirovannyi biograficheskii entsiklopedicheskii slovar' gitaristy i kompository (illustrated biographical encyclopedic dictionary of guitarists and composers (in Russian (Cyrillic))
International Guitar Research Archive database of works giving titles on early editions
Mujer y guitarra española (Spanish Women composers for guitar)
Mantanya Ophee collection
Partituras para guitarra clás (use the list of composers along the right side of the page)
Select list of works written in the last 25 years for guitar held at the Australian Music Centre library
Sheer pluck
Three composers significant to nineteenth century Nordic guitar tradition
Horn Music for horns A database of music for horn ensembles
Oboe The Haynes catalog database of music for and with oboe up to 1800; includes incipits
Organ Biographical dictionary of organists, composers for organ and organ builders
Composers for the organ
Liste von Organisten (from German Wikipedia)
Piano Pianopedia: includes 894 composers, 5471 works (indicating 15748 movements or excerpt)
Piano music for the left hand alone
Saxophone Listes des compositeurs et leurs oeuvres
Catálogo de obras para saxofón de compositores de América Latina
Trombone Canadian compositions for trombone
Viola List of compositions for viola: A-E | F-K | L-R | S-Z
Viola da gamba Thematic index of music for viols
Vocal music
Chorus Seventeenth century choral music: vocal music to ca. 1825
     Provides "information on the sources (manuscripts and early printed editions) to all currently available modern editions"
Swedish music for choir 2000-2011
Hymns Hymnary
Motets The motet database catalogue online (indexes manuscripts and printed anthologies produced between 1475 and 1600; works with Latin texts only)
Opera The aria databases (aria titles are alphabetized under initial article!)
Italian Opera
Opera composers
Operone (includes brief composer biographies with lists of operas)
Opernführer = Opera guide : 1001 Links zu Libretti und Inhaltsangaben in verschiedenen Sprachen
Song Index of composers of Lieder and art songs
Deutsches Lied
Italian composers whose songs have been recorded by or with the Trio Lescano A-C | D-L | D-L | Q-Z