The names of keys in French, German, Italian, and Spanish

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English French German Italian Spanish
major majeur Dur maggiore mayor
minor mineur Moll minore menor
sharp dièse -is diesis sostenido
flat bémol -es bemolle bemol
English French German Italian Spanish
A flat la bémol as la bemolle la bemol
A la A la la
A sharp la dièse ais la diesis la sostenido
B flat si bémol B si bemolle si bemol
B si H si si
C flat do bémol ces do bemolle do bemol
C ut/do C do do
C sharp do dièse cis do diesis do sostenido
D flat ré bémol des re bemolle re bemol
D D re re
D sharp ré dièse dis re diesis re sostenido
E flat mi bémol es mi bemolle mi bemol
E mi E mi mi
F fa F fa fa
F sharp fa dièse fis fa diesis fa sostenido
G flat sol bémol ges sol bemolle sol bemol
G sol G sol sol
G sharp sol dièse gis sol diesis sol sostenido

Modified from Cohen, A.I. International encyclopedia of women composers, 2nd ed., p. 821.

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