What's not in Orbis? Music Library Card Catalogs

Consult these catalogs to identify and locate material that is not yet cataloged online.

  1. Manuscripts--Single manuscripts owned by the Music Library
    • Catalog 1, beginnings to 1972 (1 drawer):
      • Includes most of the Lowell Mason Library manuscripts
      • Some records will be found in Orbis, as conversion is underway.
    • [Catalog 2, from 1973 to 1980 (5 drawers): these manuscripts have been cataloged in Orbis.]
  2. Microfilm cataloged before 1981, of rare editions and manuscripts owned by other libraries, split into two files:
    • Editions: printed books and scores, arranged by author or composer.
    • Collections:  manuscript anthologies.  Manuscripts held in other libraries are filed according to city, library name, and shelfmark, rather than by name of library, qualified by city or country, as found in Orbis: e.g., Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fonds français 8221.
  3. Sound Recordings in the Recordings Collection, split into two files:
    • Composers, titles, and subject headings
    • Performers
      • Catalog 1: 1952 to 1972
      • Catalog 2: 1973 to 1980
  4. Old Card Catalog 1:  Books and scores, now cataloged in Orbis.  Some analytics for titles in sets appear in this catalog that were not reproduced in Orbis.
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