Studying at the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library

A student studying in the Reference Room on the second floor of the Gilmore Music Library.

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Plays Well with Others

Fall 2014

Since at least the invention of the bicinium, the two-part vocal or instrumental compositions of the Renaissance and early Baroque, duets have been an integral part of learning to play an instrument or sing, and have been included in most etude, method, and music theory books for at least six centuries. This exhibit is a small sampling of duets in instrumental method books.

Seeing Voices: Imaging Applied to Early Recorded Sound Preservation

The Yale Library is delighted to offer a lecture and reception featuring Professor Carl Haber, Senior Scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and 2013 MacArthur Fellow. The event is sponsored by the Richard Warren Jr. (B.A. 1959) Fund for the Preservation and Promotion of Music.