Universal product code (UPC) and other codes (MARC 024)

Music Cataloging at Yale MARC tagging

The UPC code is a 12-digit number appearing underneath a barcode on commercial products in the US and Canada. The 1st and 12th digits are smaller and appear on either end of the barcode; the 2nd through 11th are divided into two groups of five underneath the barcode.

The UPC code is entered in the 024 field without any spaces.
first indicator     = 1
second indicator = blank

The first 6 of these digits is the manufacturer's code.
The next 5 digits are the product code.
The last digit is a check digit.
UPC code under a barcode Input all 12 digits in the 024 field, with 1st indicator "1":
024 1_  028943083239

Don't confuse a 13-digit International (formerly European) Article Number (EAN) with an UPC. The EAN, international standard corresponding to the UPC, looks very much like a UPC code, except for the extra digits. EAN code under a barcode Enter the EAN without hyphens or spaces in the 024 field, with 1st indicator "3":
024 3_  4901234567894

The ISWC (International standard musical work) code is an 11-digit number divided into three elements:
the letter T (the prefix element), followed by nine digits (the work identifier), and a numeric check digit.

It appears with or without hyphens and/or dots:

ISWC T-034.524.680-1
ISWC T0413603765

Enter the ISWC code the 024 field without spaces, hyphens, or dots.
first indicator     = 7
second indicator = blank
in ‡2 add iswc (in lower case):

024 7_ T0413603765 ‡2 iswc