Varying form of title (MARC 246)

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The 246 field contains a form of the title appearing on different parts of an item or a portion of the title proper, or an alternative form of the title when the form differs significantly from the title in field 245. Source: MARC 21 LITE bibliographic format: title and title-related fields (20X-24X)

Use the 246 field when:
° There is only one work, use the 246 field.
° There are two or more works and no collective title, use a 246 for variant forms of the title used as the title proper (usually the first in the 245 field); use the 740 field for all other titles and variants of them.
° There are two or more works and there is a collective title for the item as a whole, use the 246 field for any variant of the collective title.

When inputting a title in a 246 field, omit any initial article.

246 field arranged by indicator and subfield | 246 field arranged by location/type of title

Arranged by indicator and subfield
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Indicators Tag Definition
1st 0 Note, no title added entry
1 Note, title added entry
2 No note, no title added entry
3 No note, title added entry
2nd [blank] No information provided:
  • alternate form of word, etc. in 245 or in title from source other than 245
  • spelled-out form
  • uncorrected form of title when [ ] are used in title proper of 245
  • title information appears in a source not covered by indicator 0-8 below; the source is indicated in ‡i
0 Portion of title
  • portion of title proper exclusive of an alternative title
  • portion of title proper that is an alternative title
  • portion of title proper that is a part title or section title
  • portion of title proper exclusive of any introductory terms, etc.
  • portion of title proper that is emphasized by typography or other similar conditions
  • alternative titles (‡b)
  • titles including initialisms
1 parallel title
2 distinctive title
3 other title
4 cover title
5 added title page title
6 caption title
7 running title
8 spine title
Subfields Tag Definition
  i any text you want to display; code ‡i before ‡a
  a title proper/short title
  b remainder of title
  f designation of volume and issue number and/or date of a work
  g miscellaneous information
  n number of a part/section of a work
  p name of work/section of a work

Spelled-out form
100 2_  English Chamber Orchestra.
245 04 The English Chamber Orchestra plays 20th-century masterpieces.
246 3_ English Chamber Orchestra plays twentieth-century masterpieces

100 1_  Berio, Luciano, ‡d 1925-2003.
240 10 Sequenza, ‡n no. 8
245 10 Sequenza VIII : ‡b per violino solo / ‡c Luciano Berio.
246 3_ Sequenza 8
246 3_ Sequenza otto

Spelled-out form (1st 246) and portion of title (2nd 246):
100 1   Reger, Max, ‡d 1873-1916.
240 10 Pièces pittoresques
245 00 5 pièces pittoresques : ‡b für Klavier zu vier Händen : Opus 34 / ‡c Max Reger.
246 3_ Cinq pièces pittoresques
246 30 Pièces pittoresques

Uncorrected form of title:
100 1_  Beethoven, Ludwig van, ‡d 1770-1827.
240 10 Sonatas, ‡m horn, piano, ‡n op. 17, ‡r F major
245 00 Horn sonats / ‡c Beethoven, Cherubini, Danzi.
246 1_ ‡i Title should read: ‡a Horn sonatas

Parallel titles:
100 1_  Smetana, Bedrich, ‡d 1824-1884.
245 10  Má vlast = ‡b My country : cycle of symphonic poems / ‡c Smetana.
246 31  My country

100 1_  Britten, Benjamin, ‡d 1913-1976.
240 10 Burning fiery furnace. ‡l German
245 14 The burning fiery furnace = ‡b Die Jünglinge im Feuerofen : second  parable for church performance : op. 77 / ‡c Benjamin Britten ...
246 31  Jünglinge im Feuerofen
Note that the initial German article "Die" was omitted from this title.

Multiple parallel titles:
100 1_  Rodrigo, Joaquín.
245 10 Juglares = ‡b Gaukler = Jugglers : 1923 / ‡c Joaquín Rodrigo ...
246 31 Gaukler
246 31 Jugglers

Subfield ‡i:
246 2_ ‡i Title on container: ‡a [Title]
246 2_ ‡i Vols. no. 3-5 have title: ‡a [Title]

100 1_  Schubert, Franz, ‡d 1797-1828.
240 10 Songs. ‡k Selections
245 10 Songs to poems by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe / ‡c Schubert.
246 1_ ‡i Title on program booklet: ‡a Lieder nach Gedichten von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
246 1_ ‡i Title on container spine: ‡a Goethe-songs

100 1_  Handel, George Frideric, ‡d 1685-1759.
245 10 Almira / ‡c Georg Friedrich Händel.
246 1_ ‡i Title on container: ‡a Almira, Königen von Castilien
246 1_ ‡i Parallel title on container: ‡a Almira, Queen of Castile

Arranged by location or type of title

Arranged by location

Location of title Indicators   Form of Note
added title page 15 Title
caption 16 Title
colophon 1 ‡i Title from colophon: ‡a Title
container 1 ‡i Title from container: ‡a Title
cover 14 Title
spine 18 Title
any other location 1 ‡i Title from source: ‡a Title

Arranged by type of title

Type of title Indicators   Form of Note
Added title page 15 Title
Alternate form of word 3 Title
Alternative title 30 Title
At head of title 1 ‡i At head of title: ‡a Title
Binder's title 1 ‡i Binder's title: ‡a Title
Half title 1 ‡i Half title: ‡a Title
Incorrect form of title ([ ] in 245 has corrected form) 3 Title
No collective title 3 Title
Other title information from 245 30 Title
Other title information not from 245 1 ‡i Introductory phrase: ‡a Title
Parallel title from 245 31 Title
Parallel title on cover 1 ‡i Parallel title on cover: ‡a Title
Parallel title on added t.p. 1 ‡i Parallel title on added t.p.: ‡a Title
Parallel title on spine 1 ‡i Parallel title on spine: ‡a Title
Parallel title from other source 1 ‡i Parallel title on source: ‡a Title
Part or section title 30 Title
Portion of title proper 30 Title
Running title 17 Title
Volumes with varying titles 1 ‡i Vols. [no. ]-[no. ] have title: ‡a Title
All other conditions 1 ‡i Introductory phrase: ‡a Title