008 field for name authority records

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For elements of name authority records, see Elements of name authority records

OCLC name authority record fixed field:

Personal name and name/title authority records
The codes in bold are those that may need to be changed from the default

position OCLC definition code information
(00-05) Entered Date entered on file    
(06) Geo subd Direct or indirect geographic subdivision n = Not applicable
(07) Roman Romanization scheme = No attempt to code
(08)   Language of catalog _ = No information provided
(09) Auth/Ref Kind of record a = Established heading
(10) Rules Descriptive cataloging rules b = AACR1
c = AACR2
d = AACR2 compatible heading
z = RDA
(11) Subj Subject heading system/thesaurus a = Library of Congress Subject Headings
(12) Series Type of series n = Not applicable
(13) Ser num Numbered or unnumbered series n = Not applicable
(14) Name use Heading use-main or added entry a = Appropriate
(15) Subj use Heading use-subject added entry a = Appropriate
(16) Ser use Heading use-series added entry b = Not appropriate
(17) Subd type Type of subject subdivision _ = Undefined (obsolete)
(28) Govt agn Type of government agency = No attempt to code
(29) Ref status Reference evaluation a = Tracings are consistent with the heading
b = Tracings are not necessarily consistent with the heading (found in old records)
n = not applicable (no references)
(31) Upd status Record update in process a = Record can be used
(32) Name Undifferentiated personal name a = Differentiated personal name (the name in the 1XX is a unique personal name)
b = Undifferentiated personal name (the name in the 1XX is used by two or more persons)
(33) Auth status Level of establishment a = Fully established
c = Provisional (the heading cannot be formulated satisfactorily because of inadequate information; code c may be changed to code a when the needed information is available)
d = Preliminary (the heading is taken from a bibliographic record; the bibliographic item was not in hand at the time the heading was established; code d may be changed to code a when the item is in hand)
(38) Mod rec Modified record _ = Not modified
(39) Source Cataloging source _
= National bibliographic
= Cooperative cataloging program agency