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See Using the Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author table for more information.
NOTE: The names may or may not be in RDA form; diacritics may be omitted
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Cutter Name Comments
A116 Dall'Abaco, Evaristo Felice, 1675-1742 D144 in M1105
A139 Abel, Karl Friedrich, 1723-1787
A164 Absil, Jean, 1893-1974
A193 Adam, Adolphe, 1803-1856
A214 Adams, John, 1947-
Adams, John Luther, 1953- A2145 in M146, M284, M585, M985, M1045, ML410; A214 and M2145 in M1140
A237 Adler, Samuel, 1928-
A317 Alain, Jehan, 1911-1940
A328 Albéniz, Isaac, 1860-1909
A336 Albinoni, Tomaso, 1671-1750
A341 Albrechtsberger, Johann Georg, 1736-1809
A342 Albright, William
A527 Amram, David.
A531 Amy, Gilbert
A538 Ancelin, Pierre, 1934-2001
A555 André, Johann Anton, 1775-1842
A573 Andriessen, Jurriaan
Andriessen, Louis, 1939-
A587 Angerer, Paul, 1927-
A627 Antheil, George, 1900-1959
A645 Apostel, Hans Erich, 1901-1972
A672 Archer, Violet
A679 Arel, Bülent, 1919-1990
A681 Arensky, Anton Stepanovich, 1861-1906
A691 Argento, Dominick
A727 Arma, Paul, 1905-1987
A748 Arne, Thomas Augustine, 1710-1778
A757 Arnold, Malcolm
A794 Harut'yunyan, Alek'sandr Grigori, 1920-2012
cutter as old form of the name: Arutyunyan
H338 in M1206
A832 Asia, Daniel
A888 Auber, D. F. E. (Daniel Francois Esprit), 1782-1871
A928 Auric, Georges, 1899-1983