Cutter numbers for composers: W

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See Using the Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author table for more information.
NOTE: The names may or may not be in RDA form; diacritics may be omitted
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Cutter Name Comments
W131 Wagenseil, Georg Christoph, 1715-1777
W134 Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883
W135 Wagner, Siegfried, 1869-1930
Wagner, Wolfram, 1962- W134 in M2011
W179 Walker, George, 1922-
W237 Walther, Johann Gottfried, 1684-1748
W241 Walton, William, 1902-1983
W247 Wanhal, Johann Baptist, 1739-1813 see Vanhal for correct form of name V254 in M23.3, M24, M219.3, M312.4, M451, M452 M562, M1011, M1017, M1040; V254 and W247 in M226, M242, M250, M351, M362, M1001, M2021
W262 Ward, Robert, 1917-2013
W271 Ware, Peter, 1951-
H584 Warlock, Peter, 1894-1930
cutter as Heseltine, Philip, 1894-1930
Except use W277 in M3.1, M1102, M1620 (but H584 in M1620.3), ML410, ML2831
W375 Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826
W3755 Weber, Reinhold, 1927-2013
W377 Webern, Anton, 1883-1945 W375 and W377 in M1045
W422 Weill, Kurt, 1900-1950
W423 Weinberger, Jaromir, 1896-1967 W4225 in M1003
Weiner, Leó, 1885-1960
Weiner, Stanley W4225 in ML410; W4322 in M1027 (incorrectly cuttered as Wiener)
Weingartner, Felix, 1863-1942 W4235 in M1103
W424 Weinzweig, John, 1913-2006
W432 Weiss, Silvius Leopold, 1686-1750 W431 in MT145
W451 Wellesz, Egon, 1885-1974
W514 Wesley, Samuel, 1766-1837
W5145 Wesley, Samuel Sebastian, 1810-1876 W514 in M2016.2, M2072, M1999, ML3131
W641 Widor, Charles Marie, 1844-1937
Widmann, Jörg M6395 in M1621
W647 Wieniawski, Henri, 1835-1880 W6475 in M226
W673 Wilder, Alec
W689 Willan, Healey, 1880-1968 W732 in M2092.6
W731 Williamson, Malcolm, 1931-2003
W855 Wolf, Hugo, 1860-1903
W855 Wolff, Christian, 1934-
Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno, 1876-1948 W853 in M231.5, W8552 in M452, W855 in M219.5, M1035, M1503, ML410, W856 in M312, W858 in M25, M1017, M1127
W866 Wolpe, Stefan
W941 Wranitzky, Anton, 1761-1820 previously cuttered for Vranicky: V978 M1247; V987 in in M357.2, M359, M1015; V978 and W941 in M552
Wranitzky, Paul, 1756-1808 V978 and W941 in M289
W966 Wuorinen, Charles