Class numbers for music for full orchestra, string orchestra, band, and other large ensembles

Music Cataloging at Yale Call numbers

M6-M175 | M180-M298.5 | M300-M990 | M1000/M1100, etc. | M1005/M1105, etc. | M1500/M2000, etc. | M1528/M2018, etc. | M1611/M2102, etc. | MT179-MT735

M1000-M1004, M1042-M1075, M1100-M1104, M1142-M1175, M1200-M1204, M1242-M1268, M1360-M1366

Full orchestra: This includes full and chamber orchestra
For solo instrument(s) with orchestra or string orchestra, see M1005-M1041 / M1105-M1141

Orchestra String orchestra Band Original compositions
M1000 M1100 M1200 Miscellaneous and general collections
         Original compositions, including special collections
M1001 M1101 M1201       Symphonies
M1002 M1102 M1202       Symphonic poems
M1003 M1103 M1203       Suites. Variations (including separately published suites from operas, ballets, etc.)
M1004 M1104 M1204       Overtures (including separately published opera preludes, entr'actes, and overtures)
-----2 -----2   Solo instrument(s) with band
    M1205     Full score (for arranged works for solo instrument(s) with band, see M1257)
    M1206     Solo(s) with piano
M1042 M1142 M1242 Concertos for full orchestra/string orchestra/band
M1045 M1145 M1245 General
M1046 M1146 M1247 Marches
M1047 M1147 M1247.9    General
M1048 M1148 M1248       Two-rhythm (polka, etc.)
M1049 M1149 M1249       Three-rhythm (waltz, etc.)
Orchestra String orchestra Band Arrangements
---- ---- M1254 Symphonies, symphonic poems, suites, etc.
---- ---- M1255 Overtures (includes separately published opera preludes, entr'actes, overtures)
---- ---- M1257 Solo instrument(s) with band (for original works for solo instrument(s) with band, see M1205)
M1060 M1160 M1258          General
---- ---- M1260          Marches
---- ---- M1262             General
---- ---- M1264                Two-rhythm (polka, etc.)
---- ---- M1266                Three-rhythm (waltz, etc.)
M1070 M1170 ----          Excerpts
Orchestra String orchestra Band More original compositions
M1075 M1175 M1268 Potpourris, fantaisies, etc.
  Other large instrumental ensembles see Class M for a complete list
M1356 Dance orchestra and instrumental ensembles
   M1356.2    Lead sheets
M1360 Mandolin and similar orchestras of plucked instruments
M1362 Accordion band (including music for 2 or more accordions)
M1363 Steel band
M1366 Jazz ensembles, including instrumental duets, trios, etc.