Finance and Administration

Officers and Offices Responsible for Financial and Administrative Functions

RU 151 Treasurer, Yale University, records, 1700-1973 

RU 279 Vice-president for finance and administration, Yale University, records, 1871-2004[Restricted]

RU 896 Treasury Services, Yale University, records, ca. 1940-2000 (staff only view, requires authorization)

Accounting Records and Records of the Yale Comptroller

RU 523 Cash Management Office, Yale University, records, 1953-1984

RU 544 Assistant comptroller for estates, trusts and taxes, Yale University, records, 1740-1987 (public view)

RU 544 Assistant comptroller for estates, trusts and taxes, Yale University, records, 1740-1987 (staff only view, requires authorization)

RU 723 Comptroller, Yale University, records concerning patents, 1970-1979 

RU 724 Comptroller, Yale University, records, 1968-2002 (staff only view, requires authorization) 

RU 798 Cash receipt ledgers of Yale University, 1971-1976 

RU 865 Treasury Services, Yale University, records concerning estates, wills, and trusts, ca. 1965-2001 (staff only view, requires authorization)

RU 960 Office of Trusts and Estates, Yale University, records, 1900-2007 (staff only view, requires authorization) 

RU 9013 Non-permanent budget and finance records, Yale University, 1965-2003[Restricted]

Budget Records

RU 718 Budget records of Yale University, 1927-1985

Investment and Insurance Records

RU 296 Investment Office, Yale University, records concerning ethical investments, 1977-1994

RU 297 Investment Committee, Yale University, meeting minutes, 1975-2005 

RU 310 Investment Office, Yale University, records, 1941-1997 

RU 521 Insurance Office, Yale University, records, 1942-1990 (staff only view, requires authorization) 

RU 522 Real Estate Office, Yale University, records, 1943-1991 

RU 892 Office of Cooperative Research, records, ca. 1902-2004

Auditing Records

RU 169 Auditing Office, Yale University, records, 1931-1993 

RU 9012 Comptroller, Yale University, non-permanent records, 1987-1999

Operations and Administrative Services

RU 110 Administrative services, Yale University, records of the director, 1951-1987 

RU 165 Service Bureau, Yale University, records, 1911-1967 

RU 171 Commons, Yale University, records, 1883-1927 

RU 175 University Operations, Yale University, records, 1975-1978 

RU 716 Administrative Research Office, Yale University, records, 1976-1978 

RU 763 Photographs of custodial and administrative services, Yale University, 1865-1959

Personnel Services

RU 545 Human Resources Office, Yale University, records, 1974-1988 

RU 977 Labor-Management Relations, Yale University, records, 1942-1996 

RU 9018 Office for Equal Opportunity Programs, Yale University, non-permanent records, circa 1970-2007 [Restricted]