Cutter numbers for composers: M

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NOTE: Cutter a name beginning with "Mc" as "Mac".

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See Using the Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author table for more information.
NOTE: The names may or may not be in RDA form; diacritics may be omitted
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Cutter Name Comments
M121 McCabe, John, 1939-
use this form of the name; cutter as MacCabe
M121 and M113 in M452 (incorrectly cuttered as "macabe")
M138 MacDowell, Edward, 1860-1908
M171 Maconchy, Elizabeth, 1907-1994
M181 Maderna, Bruno
M214 Mahler, Gustav, 1860-1911
M245 Maleingreau, Paul de, 1887-1956
M251 Malipiero, Gian Francesco, 1882-1973
Malipiero, Riccardo, 1914-2003 M251 and M2515 in M1045
M265 Mamlok, Ursula
M284 Mannino, Franco, 1924-2005
M324 Marenzio, Luca, 1553-1599 M314 in M1586
M379 Martin, Frank, 1890-1974
M386 Martini, Giovanni Battista, 1706-1784 M385 or M3855 in some classes
Martino, Donald, 1931-2005 M3855 in M25; M3857 in M1010, M1011; M3858 in M250; M3863 in M462
Martinon, Jean, 1910-1976 M3855 in M557, M1001; M3864 in M219.5, M357.2
Martinu, Bohuslav, 1890-1959 M3865 in M214, M226, M242, M312.4, M322, M412, M962, M1012, M1016, M1112, M1145, M1524, M1621, M2092; M386 and M3865 in M1013, ML134, ML410; M387 in M22
M41 Mason, Lowell, 1792-1872
M415 Massenet, Jules, 1842-1912
M431 Mathias, William M438 in M23.5 (incorrectly cuttered as Matthais); M426 and M421 in M557.4
M438 Matthews, Colin M419 in M462 (incorrectly cuttered as Mathews)
Matthews, David, 1943- M4385 in M452
M462 Maw, Nicholas
M474 Mayr, Giovanni Simone, 1763-1845
M121 McCabe, John, 1939-
cuttered as MacCabe
M121 and M113 in M452 (incorrectly cuttered as "macabe")
M492 Medtner, Nikolay Karlovich, 1880-1951
M5365 Mendelssohn, Arnold, 1855-1933 M5367 in M2095; M5375 in M11; M5381 in M23.5, M1203
M537 Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix, 1809-1847
M5475 Menotti, Gian Carlo, 1911-2007
M585 Messiaen, Olivier, 1908-1992
M613 Meyerbeer, Giacomo, 1791-1864
M636 Migot, Georges, 1891-1976 M63 in M7; M6365 in M1621
M6365 Mihalovici, Marcel, 1898-1985 M634 in M269; M636 in M26, M47, M67, M219.5, M226, M242, M1004, M1012
M637 Milán, Luis, active 16th century
M6445 Milhaud, Darius, 1892-1974
M729 Molter, Johann Melchior, 1696-1765
M782 Monteverdi, Claudio, 1567-1643
M821 Moore, Douglas, 1893-1969
M831 Moravec, Paul, 1957- M8295 in M25
Morawetz, Oskar, 1917-2007
M916 Moszkowski, Moritz, 1854-1925 M917 in M25, M201; M971 in Rare M25
M931 Mouret, Jean-Joseph, 1682-1738 M929 in M1613.3
M939 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791
M9395 Mozart, Leopold, 1719-1787
M942 Muczynski, Robert, 1929-2010. M941 in M351
M947 Müller-Zürich, Paul (ü cuttered as ue) M9472 in M11, M25
M961 Mulsant, Florentine, 1962-
M986 Musgrave, Thea
M987 Mussorgsky, Modest Petrovich, 1839-1881