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See Using the Cutter-Sanborn three-figure author table for more information.
NOTE: The names may or may not be in RDA form; diacritics may be omitted
NOTE: Cutter a vowel with an umlaut as that vowel followed by an "e".

Cutter Name Comments
N176 Nancarrow, Conlon, 1912-1997
N224 Nardini, Pietro, 1722-1793
N311 Naumann, Johann Gottlieb, 1741-1801 N299 in M289; incorrectly cuttered as N331 in M1500, M1530, M1621,
N419 Nelhybel, Vaclav
N486 Neukomm, Sigismund, Ritter von, 1778-1858
N636 Nicolai, Otto, 1810-1849 N649 in M33.5
N669 Nielsen, Carl, 1865-1931
N7128 Nilsson, Bo
N754 Nobre, Marlos, 1939-
N814 Nono, Luigi N813 in M935
N769 Nørgard, Per, 1932- (ø cuttered as "oe") also N838 (cuttered as "nor")
N996 Nyman, Michael
N998 Nystedt, Knut, 1915- N996 in M1600