Class numbers for solo vocal music

Music Cataloging at Yale Call numbers

M6-M175 | M180-M298.5 | M300-M990 | M1000/M1100, etc. | M1005/M1105, etc. | M1500/M2000, etc. | M1528/M2018, etc. | M1611/M2102, etc. | MT179-MT735


Solo vocal music encompasses secular and sacred arias, solo cantatas, solo songs, and song cycles with or without accompaniment.

Songs: Orchestral, etc. accompaniment | Piano accompaniment and unaccompanied | Accompaniment of one instrument other than piano or unaccompanied
Recitations (solo vocalizations not sung)

Orchestral, etc. accompaniment
Secular Sacred Original compositions
    Collections (including miscellaneous collections)
M1611 M2102    Full scores
M1612 M2102    Vocal scores
    Separate works
       Full scores
M1613 M2103       Orchestral accompaniment
M1613.3 M2103.3       Other accompaniment (string orchestra, band, other ensemble of 2 or more instruments, electronic)
M1614 M2104    Vocal scores with piano
M1621.2 M2113.2    Unaccompanied
M1621.3 M2113.3    Accompaniment of piano and 1 other instrument
M1621.4 M2113.4    Song cycles
Secular Sacred Arrangements
    Collections (including miscellaneous collections)
M1615 M2105    Full scores
M1616 M2106    Vocal scores
    Separate works
       Full scores
M1617 M2107       Orchestral accompaniment
M1621.3 M2113.3       Accompaniment of piano and 1 other instrument, see M1621.3 (secular); M2113.3 (sacred)
M1618 M2108    Vocal scores with piano
Piano accompaniment and unaccompanied
Secular Sacred  
      Two or more composers
M1619 M2110     General
M1619.5.A-Z ----       Individual poets, A-Z
M1620 M2112   One composer
    Separate works
M1621 M2113    Piano accompaniment
M1621.2 M2113.2    Unaccompanied
M1621.3 M2113.3    Accompaniment of piano and one other instrument
M1621.4 M2113.4    Song cycles
---- M2114    Works with liturgical text, by language A-Z
       Special seasons and occasions
  M2114.5       Christmas
  M2114.6       Easter
  M2114.7       Thanksgiving. Harvest
---- M2114.8.A-Z       Other season
Accompaniment of one instrument other than piano or unaccompanied
Secular Sacred  
       Plucked instrument
M1623 M2113       General
M1623.4 M2113          Harp
M1623.5 M2113          Lute
M1623.8 M2113       Other instrument
    Separate works
       Plucked instrument
M1624 M2113       General
M1624.4 M2113          Harp
M1624.5 M2113          Lute
M1624.7 M2113    Wind instrument
M1624.8 M2113    Other instrument
Recitations with music, both secular and sacred
Secular Sacred  
M1625 M1625 Accompaniment of orchestra or other instrumental ensemble
M1626 M1626 Accompaniment of piano or other instrument, including piano scores
Cutter numbers for special texts taken from Table M6 (for a complete list of texts, see Table M6)
Use the initial letter of the name of the language in English, followed by the number for the text:
Cutter numbers under M2114.8 for other special seasons and occasions (other than Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving) (for a complete list, see Class M under M2114.8)
  __11 Agnus Dei
  __14 Alma Redemptoris Mater
  __16 Ave Maria
  __161 Ave Maria Stella
  __165 Ave Verum corpus
  __169 Beatus vir
  __25 Cantate Domino
  __34 De profundis
  __373 Dixit Dominus
  __4 Gloria in excelsis Deo
  __5 Kyrie eleison
  __6 Magnificat
  __62 Miserere mei
  __7 Nunc dimittis
  __77 Regina Caeli
  __8 Salve Regina
  __82 Stabat Mater
  __9 Te Deum
  __94 Veni Creator Spiritus
  .A4 Advent
  .A5 All Saints Day
  .A6 Ascension Day
  .C2 Candlemas
  .E5 Epiphany
  .G5 Good Friday
  .H56 Holy Saturday
  .H58 Holy Week
  .H6 Holy Year
  .L5 Lent. Passiontide
  .M35 Maundy Thursday
  .N5 New Year
  .P4 Palm Sunday