Class numbers for musical instruction and study: Instrumental

Music Cataloging at Yale Call numbers

M6-M175 | M180-M298.5 | M300-M990 | M1000/M1100, etc. | M1005/M1105, etc. | M1500/M2000, etc. | M1528/M2018, etc. | M1611/M2102, etc. | MT179-MT735


MT179-MT258 Keyboard instruments
MT259-MT338 Bowed stringed instruments
MT339-MT533 Wind instruments: woodwind instruments | brass instruments
MT539-MT654 Plucked stringed instrument
MT655-MT725 Percussion instruments
  Other instruments
MT728-MT735 Instrumental ensembles

Teaching pieces: works composed principally for pedagogical purposes
Instructive editions: works heavily annotated with textual instructions for practice and interpretation
Rudiments of music: rudiments of music combined with instruction for the instrument

Class Keyboard instruments: organ | electronic | harmonium | piano | harpsichord | Other keyboard
MT179 General works
MT180-MT198 Organ
MT180 General
MT182 Systems and methods
MT185 Studies and exercises
  Special technical
MT189    Pedal techniques
MT190    Registration techniques
MT191    Accompaniment techniques for Gregorian chant and other liturgical music
MT191 Other A-Z
   .A3    Accompaniment
   .A8    Arranging
   .C5    Chorales
   .H4    Harmony
   .I5    Improvisation
   .M6    Modulation
   .T7    Trio playing
MT192/MT198 Electronic keyboard instruments (including synthesizers with keyboards)
MT192    General works
MT192.2    Systems and methods
MT192.3    Studies and exercises
MT192.4    Orchestral studies
MT192.5    Teaching pieces
MT192.6    Instructive editions
MT192.7    Two instruments
MT192.8    Self-instructors
MT193 Teaching pieces
  Instructive editions
MT195    Two or more composers
MT197    One composer
MT198 Self-instructors
MT200-MT208 Reed organ (harmonium)
MT200 General works
MT202 Systems and methods
MT205 Studies and exercises
MT208 Self-instructors
MT220-MT255 Piano
MT220 General works
MT221    Physiology of the hand; including hand exercises
MT222    Systems and methods
MT224    Rudiments of music
     Studies and exercises
MT225       General works
        Special techniques
MT226          Left hand
MT227          Pedal
MT228          Touch (class here works about legato, staccato, melody, etc., playing)
MT229          Wrist (class here works about octave, chord, etc., playing)
MT230          Thirds, sixths, etc.
MT231          Scales and arpeggios
MT232          Fingering
MT233          Rhythm
MT235          Phrasing
MT236          Sight reading, transposition, accompaniment, etc.
MT238          Polyphonic playing
MT239          Performance of popular music (vamping, ragtime, vaudeville piano playing, jazz, boogie-woogie, improvisation, playing by ear, etc.; including accompaniment
MT240.A-Z          Other, A-Z
MT242    Four-hand, two-piano, etc., playing
MT243    Teaching pieces
     Instructive editions
MT245       Two or more composers
MT247       One composer
MT248    Self-instructors
     Special kinds of piano, including early instruments
MT250       General works
MT252       Harpsichord, etc
MT255       Janko keyboard
MT257.A-Z Other keyboard instruments, A-Z
MT258 Virgil clavier, technicon, and similar instruments for practicing
Class Bowed stringed instruments: violin | viola | cello | double bass | other | early instruments
MT259 General works
violin viola cello double bass  
MT260 MT280 MT300 MT320 General works
MT261 ---- ---- ---- Physiology of the hand (for hand exercises, see MT221)
MT262 MT282 MT302 MT322 Systems and methods
      MT330 Studies and exercises
MT265 MT285 MT305 ----    General works
MT266 MT286 MT306 MT331    Orchestral studies
           Special techniques
MT267 MT287 MT307 ----       Bowing
MT268 MT288 MT308 ----       Positions
MT269 MT289 MT309 ----       Chords
MT270 MT290 ---- ----       Harmonics
MT271 MT291 MT310 ----       Other (not A-Z)
MT272 MT292 MT312 MT333.6    Two instruments
MT274 MT294 MT314 MT333 Teaching pieces
      MT333.4 Instructive editions
MT275 MT295 MT315 ----    Two or more composers
MT276 MT296 MT317 ----    One composer
MT278 MT298 MT318 MT334 Self-instructors
        Special styles
MT279.5 ---- ---- ----    Fiddling, Folk-style violin playing
MT279.7 ---- ---- ----    Jazz
Class Other bowed stringed instruments (for a complete list see MT335.A-Z)
MT336-MT338 Early bowed stringed instruments
MT336 viola d'amore
MT337 viola da gamba
MT338 other
Class Wind instruments:
MT339 General works
MT339.5 Woodwind instruments (general)
  Woodwind instruments:
flute piccolo recorder oboe clarinet saxophone bassoon  
MT340 MT357 MT350 MT360 MT380 MT500 MT400 General works
MT342 MT357.2 MT351 MT362 MT382 MT502 MT402 Systems and methods
MT343 MT357.5 MT352.5 MT363 MT383 MT503 MT403 Teaching pieces
MT344 MT357.6 MT352.6 MT364 MT384 MT504 MT404 Instructive editions
MT345 MT357.3 MT352 MT365 MT385 MT505 MT405 Studies and exercises
MT346 MT357.4 ---- MT366 MT386 MT506 MT406 Orchestral studies
MT347 MT357.7 MT352.7 MT367 MT387 MT507 MT407 Two instruments
MT348 MT357.8 MT353 MT368 MT388 MT508 MT408 Self-instructors
Class Other woodwind instruments (for a complete list, see MT358-MT415, MT510-MT533)
MT356 fife
MT358.P45 penny whistle
MT376 English horn
MT392 bass clarinet
MT412 contrabassoon
Class Brass instruments: horn | trumpet/cornet | trombone | bass trombone, contrabass trombone | tuba | other
MT418 General works
horn trumpet
trombone bass, contrabass
MT420 MT440 MT460 MT472 MT496 MT480 General works
MT422 MT442 MT462 MT472.2 MT496.2 MT482 Systems and methods
MT423 MT443 MT463 MT472.5 MT496.5 MT483 Teaching pieces
MT424 MT444 MT464 MT472.6 MT496.6 MT484 Instructive editions
MT425 MT445 MT465 MT472.3 MT496.3 MT485 Studies and exercises
MT426 MT446 MT466 MT472.4 MT496.4 MT486 Orchestral studies
MT427 MT447 MT467 MT472.7 MT496.7 MT487 Two instruments
MT428 MT448 MT468 MT472.8 MT496.8 MT488 Self-instructors
Class Other brass instruments (for a complete list, see MT456-MT497)
MT452 bugle
MT493 flügelhorn
MT497 contrabass tuba, heloicon, etc.
Class Plucked stringed instruments: harp | banjo | guitar | mandolin | zither | other
MT539 General works
harp banjo guitar lute mandolin zither  
MT540 MT560 MT580 MT640 MT600 MT620 General works
MT542 MT562 MT582 MT640.2 MT602 MT622 Systems and methods
MT543 MT563 MT583 MT640.5 MT603 MT623 Teaching pieces
MT544 MT569 MT589 MT640.6 MT608.5 MT628.5 Instructive editions
---- MT564 MT584 ---- MT604 MT624 Rudiments of music
MT545 MT565 MT585 MT640.3 MT605 MT625 Studies and exercises
MT546 ---- MT586 MT640.4 MT606 ---- Orchestral studies
MT547 MT567 MT587 MT640.7 MT607 MT627 Two instruments
MT548 MT568 MT588 MT640.8 MT608 MT628 Self-instructors
Class Other plucked stringed instruments (for a complete list, see MT557-MT654)
MT552 Celtic harp
MT599.B4 (electric) bass guitar
MT599.D6 dobro
MT632 autoharp
MT654.A7 Appalachian dulcimer
Class Percussion instruments: timpani | drums | bongo/conga | xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, etc. | other percussion | other
MT655 General works
MT655.2 Systems and methods
MT655.3 Studies and exercises
MT655.4 Orchestral studies
MT655.5 Teaching pieces
MT655.6 Instructive editions
MT655.7 Two instruments
MT655.8 Self-instructors
timpani snare drum
bass drum
drum set, etc.
MT660 MT662 MT663 MT719 General works
MT660.2 MT662.2 MT663.2 MT719.2 Systems and methods
MT660.3 MT662.3 MT663.3 MT719.3 Studies and exercises
MT660.4 MT662.4 MT663.4 MT719.4 Orchestral studies
MT660.5 MT662.5 MT663.5 MT719.5 Teaching pieces
MT660.6 MT662.6 MT663.6 MT719.6 Instructive editions
MT660.7 MT662.7 MT663.7 MT719.7 Two instruments
MT660.8 MT662.8 MT663.8 MT719.8 Self-instructors
Class Other percussion instruments (for a complete list, see MT664-MT725)
MT710 carillon, bell ringing, etc.
MT711 hand bell ringing
MT720 tubular bells, chimes
MT725.B55 bodhrán
MT725.S7 steel drum
  Other instruments (for a complete list, see MT670-MT725)
accordion concertina  
MT680 MT681 General works
MT680.2 MT681.2 Systems and methods
MT680.3 MT681.3 Studies and exercises
MT680.4 MT681.4 Orchestral studies
MT680.5 MT681.5 Teaching pieces
MT680.6 MT681.6 Instructive editions
MT680.7 MT681.7 Two instruments
MT680.8 MT681.8 Self-instructors
Class Additional other instruments
MT682 harmonica
MT700 player-piano
MT722 implements pout to musical use
MT723 computer sound processing
MT724 electronic instruments (not A-Z)
MT725.H37 hurdy-gurdy
MT728-MT735 Ensembles (for a complete list, see MT733)
  Chamber music
MT728 General works
  Instructive editions
MT728.2    Two or more composers
MT728.3    One composer
MT730 Orchestra
Class Band
MT733 General works
MT733.4 Marching bands and maneuvers
MT733.7 Big band, dance band, jazz band
MT734 Mandolin, etc., orchestra