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This page describes and links to music-specific instruction sheets in the Subject Cataloging Manual.

General instruction: Assign the heading that represents the predominant topic of the work as the first subject heading. (see H 80 Order of subject headings)
If the predominant topic cannot be represented by a single heading:
   ° assign as the first and second headings the two headings that, taken together, express the predominant topic.
   ° if one of the two more closely approximates the class number it is usually assigned first.

Overview | Assigning subject headings | Free-floating subdivisions

Source: List of the Subject Heading Manual PDF Files


H 1916.3 Music: General Overview of the assignment of subjects headings for all materials in the field of music
   ° musical form, genre, type, etc.
   ° medium of performance
   ° music for occasions
   ° music about a topic, person, or other named entity
   ° language of vocal text
   ° certain liturgical texts
   ° musical style
   ° music of ethnic, national, and religious groups
   ° musical presentation or format subdivisions
   ° geographic subdivisions
   ° literature and other materials about music
   ° instructional materials

Assigning subject headings

Instruction sheet # and title The type(s) of subject heading(s) covered
H 1917.5 Music form/genre headings: medium of performance Headings for musical compositions, specifically, those music form/genre headings that include medium of performance

For more information, see medium of performance headings for instrumental music | vocal music

H 1916.5 Jazz and popular music Guidelines for assigning headings to jazz and popular music, and for using geographic and chronological subdivisions

For more information, see Chronological and geographic subdivisions for subject headings for jazz and popular music

H 1917 Music of ethnic, national, and religious groups Headings for works that consist of or discuss the music of ethnic groups, music with national emphasis, religious music of certain groups, and non-Western art music, including works about the musical instruments of these groups.
H 1918 Musical instruments Guidance in establishing and using headings for the names of musical instruments and families of instruments.
For free-floating subdivisions used with headings for musical instruments see H 1161.
For musical instruments as the medium of performance in form/genre headings for musical compositions, see H 1917.5.
H 1438 Composers and works about music of individual composers Headings for works about specific compositions by a composer and works about a composer's compositions in a musical form or for a general or specific medium of performance

Refers to H 1110: Free-floating subdivisions: names of persons

Free-floating subdivisions

Instruction sheet # and title The type(s) of subject heading(s) covered
H 1160 Pattern headings for musical compositions Free-floating subdivisions for:
   ° musical forms and types of compositions
   ° medium of performance, style, function,
   ° music for special seasons or occasions,
   ° musical settings of special texts, etc.,
   ° headings including the subdivisions
      ° Hymns
      ° Music
      ° Musical settings
      ° Songs and music.

Includes guidelines for arranged works and subdivisions and list of free-floating subdivisions and form/topical subdivisions.
For more information, see
° Subject headings for instrumental music
° Subject headings for vocal music
° Subject subdivisions and qualifiers for music subject headings

This category does not include the general heading Music.

H 1161 Pattern headings for individual musical instruments Includes free-floating subdivisions for headings for brands and models of instruments, and families of instruments

Includes a list of form subdivisions.

This category does not include the general heading Musical instruments.

H 2075 Songs and music Guidelines on the use of the free-floating subdivisions
    "--Songs and music" for vocal or instrumental music
       Use for music that
         ° interprets or that is inspired by a person or geographic location
         ° is otherwise associated with the heading.
   "--Songs and music--History and criticism"
       Use for works that discuss the songs or music about a topic or entity
H 2190 Texts For vocal music, use the free-floating subdivision "--Texts" in headings for specific types of vocal music for works that contain the words to one or more songs, hymns, etc., without the music.