Missing Treasures: An Online Film Fest for Yale Students, Faculty, and Staff

May 8, 2020

Current circumstances have caused us to cancel several Treasures from the Yale Film Archive screenings, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to share Yale's excellent film resources with Yale students, faculty, and staff. If you're missing Treasures, please enjoy the streaming versions of select 35mm films we've shown in the series over the years, along with their original Film Notes. These offerings are part of Yale University Library's extensive streaming video collections.

Before you begin, please use your Yale NetID and Cisco AnyConnect software to join the Yale Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you encounter problems with the videos, try using a different web browser.

Within Our Gates (Oscar Micheaux, 1920)
Restored silent-era African-American melodrama
Film Notes

Last Year at Marienbad (Alain Resnais, 1961)
High fashion and high drama in an isolated chateau
Film Notes

The Triplets of Belleville (Sylvain Chomet, 2003)
Animation, song and dance, and the Tour de France
Film Notes

The Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo, 1966)
A gritty classic about Algeria's fight for independence
Film Notes

Volver (Pedro Almodóvar, 2006)
Penelope Cruz leads an all-star cast of Spanish women
Film Notes

Fast, Cheap & Out of Control (Errol Morris, 1997)
An offbeat documentary about four extraordinary characters
Film Notes

Un Prophète (Jacques Audiard, 2009)
A dark prison drama starring Tahir Rahim and Niels Arestrup
Film Notes

M (Fritz Lang, 1931)
An impeccable crime film with Peter Lorre at his best
Film Notes

The Emperor Jones (Dudley Murphy, 1933)
Paul Robeson stars in this Eugene O'Neill adaptation
Film Notes

The Mark of Zorro (Fred Niblo, 1920)
Douglas Fairbanks leads a swashbuckling silent classic
Film Notes

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring (Kim Ki-duk, 2003)
A chamber drama set in a floating Buddhist monastery
Film Notes

The City of Lost Children (Marc Caro & Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 1995)
The fable of a mad scientist stealing children's dreams
Film Notes

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lynne Ramsay, 2011)
A mother reels from a son's unfathomable actions
Film Notes

What is Treasures from the Yale Film Archive?
Treasures from the Yale Film Archive is an ongoing series of classic and contemporary films in 35mm curated by the Yale Film Study Center and screened at the Whitney Humanities Center.