Ten Years of Treasures

June 12, 2024

The Treasures from the Yale Film Archive screening series premiered ten years ago with a 35mm screening of David O. Russell's Three Kings on June 12, 2014. Since then, the series has presented more than 200 films, all free to the public, all shown in their original formats as they were meant to be seen. Read some stats about the series so far, film fans!

14,781 attendees

134 screenings

205 films

127 films on 35mm
75 films on 16mm
3 films on native video formats

Films from 22 countries

4 screenings with live musical accompaniment

37 anniversary screenings

4 Student Archivist Screening Nights, featuring rarities selected by Yale students

Most-screened filmmaker: Alfred Hitchcock (4 films)

2 adaptations of Jane Austen's Emma (Emma and Clueless)

Shortest film: Santa Claus School Is Opened (3 mins)

Longest film: The Godfather Part II (202 mins)

Oldest film: Rescued From an Eagle's Nest from 1908

Youngest film: Passages from 2023

Films by decade:

1900s: 1
1910s: 2
1920s: 10
1930s: 9
1940s: 19
1950s: 16
1960s: 29
1970s: 22
1980s: 20
1990s: 38
2000s: 28
2010s: 8
2020s: 3

The Treasures from the Yale Film Archive series is presented with generous support from Paul L. Joskow '70 M.Phil., '72 Ph.D.