Viewing Facilities

The Yale Film Archive has a range of viewing facilities supporting group screenings as well as individual viewing. Please note that these spaces are for viewing films only: they are not for zoom or in-person meeetings. The Archive is located on the 7th floor of Sterling Memorial Library, 120 High Street in New Haven. Entry to the Archive requires a Yale ID, but special arrangements can be made in advance for visiting scholars. For information on other screening venues on campus, visit our Arranging Screenings page or contact the Registrar.

Yale Film Archive Screening Room

Location: SML Room 710

Capacity: 22

Formats: 16mm, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, VHS, and LaserDisc (all worldwide video formats)

This room has a large screen for projection, including 3D Blu-ray and 16mm projection.

Requests for room reservations are made online. You will be contacted by email if the request is approved. Check in at the Circulation Desk (Room 707) upon arrival.

Video Viewing Booths

Location: SML Room 707

Eight one-person and two two-person viewing stations in semi-private booths are available, with headphones. All stations play DVD and Blu-ray, while the two-person stations also play VHS and LaserDisc (all worldwide video formats).

For viewing films only. In order to ensure the best possible experiences of everyone at the Film Archive, no talking is allowed.

Booth reservations are made online.

Flatbed Film Viewing Stations

Location: SML Room 708

For viewing film prints, the archive has one 35mm and one 16mm Steenbeck flatbed viewer, each with magnetic and optical sound capabilities.

Contact Brian Meacham (203.432.2798) at least four weeks in advance to make arrangements.

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