Assessment & User Experience Research

New Team to Serve YOU

December 18, 2017

In the coming new year, A new Team "Assessment and User Experience Research" .. see this to have the teams purpose, goals, services, ... information ... 

The assessment program had success in bringing the principles and practices of assessment to Yale University Library. As the culture of assessment has developed, the institution needs have grown. AUXR team is designed to address the expanding assessment program as well as incorporating the user research program that has developed under the auspices of Library IT.

Sarah is the team leader, she works with many units for years. She will lead to meet the goal, service, expectation for the team.

Jenn is responsible for leading the YUL qualitative research program within the YUL Assessment program portfolio. With the focus on the diverse YUL user community, she will coordinate user testing for library teams developing, modifying, and implementing new services and enhancing and upgrading existing services. She will also support EliScholar, the digital platform for scholarly publishing provided by Yale University Library.

Meng supports the data initiatives in the YUL assessment program portfolio. The program provides leadership in the generation, analysis, and communication of data related to library collections, systems, and services. Meng will document requirements, define scope, outline objectives, and formulate solutions to meet the data needs of YUL.

The team will perform a variety of tasks in support of assessment programs and projects.