590 Local Notes

Local notes are created to record important information pertaining to provenance evidence and imperfections of individual copies. The notes should include at least the code of the owning library (Option 1), and preferably also the item’s call number (Option 2).

Option 1:

590     ‡a [Owning Library]: [copy-specific statement]
590     ‡a MUS: From the library of Richard DeLong.

Option 2:

590     ‡a [Owning Library] [call number]: [copy-specific statement]
590     ‡a SML DS647 B22 B43219: Imperfect copy: all after page 96 wanting.
590     ‡a BEIN 2014 Folio S357: Imperfect: Paper browned and brittle with some loss of text.
590     ‡a ARTBIRR Folio N7433.4.K37 P37 2022 (LC): "ed. 5/10" signed by the artist.

Multiple copies are distinguished in local notes through added enumerations:

590     ‡a [Owning Library] [call number] Copy 1: [copy-specific statement]
590     ‡a [Owning Library] [call number] Copy 2: [copy-specific statement]
590     ‡a SML Cb73 310 Copy 1: Imperfect: Pages 49-50 mutilated with some loss of text.
590     ‡a SML Cb73 310 Copy 2: Bookplate of Sara Eichner.

Note: Create separate MFHDs for each copy and number the copies in the respective Copy Field of the item records.

For further instructions on provenance notes and tracings, see Provenace Notes and Tracings

For relevant terms regarding imperfections see Imperfections