LC-PCC-PS for 0.0: Yale policies and procedures

LC-PCC-PS for 0.0 corresponds to LCRI 1.0.


Monograph vs. Serial

3) Likelihood of no predetermined conclusion.

               a) Title proper implies continuing publication. … If the issues also have analyzable titles, analyze the issues.

COMMENT: Yale policy continues to be that analysis of serials not designated as monograph series is to be considered exceptional.

Situations Requiring Further Consideration

1) Electronic resources (digitized or born-digital resources)

               b) Catalog as an integrating resource

                              ii) Direct access resource: no direct access resource can be issued as an integrating resource (assumption that would be changed if proven incorrect).

COMMENT: this is arguable, but from the processing perspective this appears to be the most efficient approach; we will follow LC and treat direct access resources as either monograph or serial, but never as integrating resources.

3) Conference publications.

Once the decision has been made to catalog as a monograph or as a serial is determined based on the first--or earliest held--issue of a conference publication, prefer to retain that decision. When there is a change in the main entry for a conference publication cataloged as a serial, consider the publication to be “new” and decide whether to catalog it as a monograph or as a serial according to the above criteria.

COMMENT. Because cataloging each conference publication as a separate publication is labor intensive, we will apply this case by case. If it is discovered that the first issue was done as a monograph (often because of copy cataloging), and the cataloger has the 2nd issue in hand, and the cataloger determines that the title meets the LCRI serial conditions, it will be preferable to recatalog as a serial at this point rather than wait until the main entry changes. If several titles have been cataloged as monographs, a 500 note similar to the one used under Change in Cataloging Decision: Monograph/Serial could be used to avoid recataloging and re-marking. At SML, consult with Joan Swanekamp if in doubt. It might be worthwhile to touch base with Science hill copy catalogers on this topic to raise consciousness.

7) Other printed resources.

b) Catalog as serials. Sales/auction catalogs.

COMMENT. Auction catalogs have up till now been cataloged as separate monographs or as multipart collections. Sales catalogs have generally been treated as serials if cataloged at all.  We will now follow the LC practice of treating auction catalogs as serials, but we don’t plan to address the workflow issues until after ALA.

Note that we will otherwise follow the LC practice as described in 1.0 re Republications of serials, printed travel guides, and what will be cataloged as monograph or serial under “7) Certain other printed resources.” If in the course of cataloging according to LCRI 1.0  additional workflow issues are discovered, please notify Joan Swanekamp.

Change in type of issuance. This appears to apply to LC workflow procedures, so it should be ignored.

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