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SACO Workflow at Yale

If you would like to make a SACO proposal to the Library of Congress, please follow this workflow:

  • Obtain the password for the Minaret Subject Proposal System from the Yale SACO Coordinator
  • Enter your subject heading, genre term, or LC classification number proposal into the system (
  • Add the proposed subject heading, genre term, or LC classification number to the bibliographic and holdings records with the appropriate indicators and/or subfields (e.g. 2nd indicator 0 for a subject heading, 2nd indication 7 and subfield 2 for a LCGFT term)
  • Export the bibliographic record as usual
  • Notify the Yale SACO Coordinator if you would like your proposal reviewed before submitting it to SACO
  • Send an email to when your proposal is ready to be reviewed. A timeline of the proposal process can be found on the SACO website:
  • Enter the statistics for your proposals on the Technical Services: Cataloging Stats form. Note: SACO statistics are for the number of proposals submitted, not the number of proposals approved
  • You can monitor the progress and status by searching Library of Congress Authorities, looking at the Subject Headings Approved Lists or looking at the Summary of Decisions from the Weekly Editorial Meeting. Do not contact LC regarding the status of your proposal; instead, track the proposal using one of the methods mentioned above

If your SACO proposal is approved or approved in a different form:

  • Wait until the authority record appears in LC Authorities
  • Revise the subject heading, genre term or LC classification number in the bibliographic (and/or holdings) record if necessary
  • Re-export the bibliographic record. [This step is important! It will prompt our authority control vendor to send us the authority record and any future updates]

If your SACO proposal is rejected:

  • Remove the rejected subject heading, genre term or LC classification number from the bibliographic (and/or holdings) record
  • Add other subject headings, genre terms or a different LC classification number needed to compensate for the rejected proposal
  • Re-export the bibliographic record

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