Procedures for Reclassification


Part 1: Initiating Unit Responsibilities

The unit that initiates the reclassification is responsible for notifying the appropriate cataloging team or unit of the reclassification decision. Do not inform the Catalog Management Team of reclassified items.

Notifying Cataloging Team or Unit

Send a printout of the ORBIS MFHD record to the appropriate cataloging team or unit. Indicate the requested change(s) on the record.

Part 2: Cataloging Team or Unit Responsibilities

The cataloging team or unit is responsible for implementing the change of call number in the record in ORBIS and ensuring that the call number change is correctly represented in ORBIS.

Updating ORBIS

MFHD Record: Replace the existing call number with the new one requested. The reclassifying unit will not add a new MFHD for the new call number. Add a subfield x to 852 and record the following information: 1) Recl. from 2) old call number; 3) processing unit/individual initials 4) processing date in the format of MM/YYYY.


852 8 1 ‡b smly ‡h Byb ‡i 70
After reclassification:
852 0 1 ‡b sml ‡h DA670 B9 ‡i A75 ‡x Recl. from Byb 70; as/sra 7/1997

Item Records: Check Item Status (click on the graph button). If inappropriate status such as Withdrawn appears under status, remove it; and 2) Check Item Note (click on the quill pen button). If inappropriate note appears, remove it.

Remarking the Item

Once ORBIS has been updated the physical item should be remarked with the new call number.