Duplicate Bibliographic Records in OCLC

OCLC Member Merge Program

The Yale OCLC Member Merge Team was established in October 2020 to help clean up OCLC by participate in the OCLC Member Merge Program. This involves evaluating and merging duplicate bibliographic records in OCLC based on strict criteria. Currently the team is focusing on print and electronic monographs, although that will expand in the future as training continues.

To learn more about the program, watch a video or read the slides from a presentation given at the June 2020 OCLC Cataloging Community Meeting.

Yale OCLC Merging Team

  • Chris Smith (project lead)
  • Zoe Dobbs
  • Rowena Griem
  • Tachtorn Meier

Report Duplication

Help us clean up OCLC by reporting duplicate bibliographic records via our online form.

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