Overview of the Judaica collection in BM

BJ1285  Jewish ethics;  The book of Jewish values. FNH0753


BM30 Congresses. World Congress of Jewish Studies 12th.  FMR7241/FLL2548

BM40 -Collections, several authors. Jewish values. FFV8959. "Compiled from material originally published in the Encyclopedia Judaica."

BM45-Collections, individual authors.  An Arthur A  Cohen reader. FLW1868

BM50.-- Dictionaries, encyclopedias. A book of Jewish concepts. PAP4180.

BM51--Questions and answers. "Miscellanea." Ask the rabbi. FMP3230

BM90 Study and teaching, American, by school. The Seminary at 100. FGB7588

BM125 Religious education of the young. Entertainments, exercises. General works. Jewish identity games.  FKC8519

BM155.2 History (general). Cambridge history of Judaism. ABH2302

BM157. History. General special. Social foundations of Judaism  FFX2357.

BM165. History. Ancient. A history of Israelite religion in the Old Testament period. FJD0305

BM177. Judaism in the early centuries of the Christian era. The literature of formative Judaism. Controversies on the literature of formative Judaism. <Analytic example using ‡p> FGF0948

BM180 Medieval (General).  Yale collection is small; few titles in Hebrew.

BM185 Karaites. The Karaite Jews of Egypt. FGE2567.

BM190. Modern Judaism. General works. Not a lot in Hebrew.

BM194. Modern Judaism. Haskalah. Moses Mendelssohn and the religious enlightenment. FKQ4843

BM197.5. Modern Judaism. Special movements. Conservative Judaism. The ordination of women as rabbis. AEG4251

BM198-199. Hasidism. Hasidim.
BM198.4. By region or country, A-Z.
BM198.4.I7 R33X 2000 (LC) Hasidism in Israel. FNF4801

BM201-449. Judaism. By region or country. INCLUDING HISTORY OF INDIVIDUAL SYNAGOGUES
BM205-225. United States.
BM205. United States. General.
BM208-221. By region.
BM208. New England.
BM223. By state. A-W.
BM225. By city, A-Z.
BM225 N5 S56X 1995 (LC). A gay synagogue in New York. FKA0855
Better? BM225 N52 C...?
Under each city
x General works
x2 Individual synagogue or congregations, A-Z.

BM480-488. Mostly Dead Sea Scrolls; mostly not in Hebrew.

BM495-496. Rabbinical literature.
BM496.5. About rabbinic sources.
BM496.5.N4825X 1997 (LC). The theology of rabbinic Judaism. FLD8628
BM496.9.Special topics.
BM496.9.E9 Evil eye.
BM49.9.E9 U44X 1994 (LC). The evil eye in the Bible and in rabbinic literature. FJM5753

BM497-497.8. Mishnah. Mostly in Hebrew.
BM499-504.7. Babylonian Talmud.
BM500.2. Collections of works about B.T.
BM500.2.E88 (LC). Exploring the Talmud. LCCN 767449
BM501. General works about the B.T.
BM501.K36 1989 (LC) The redaction of the Babylonian Talmud. FFQ0375
BM503.5. Introductions.
BM503.5.A27 1991 (LC) The Talmud for beginners. FGB6799
BM504-504.2. Commentaries.
BM504.2. Novellae (Hidushim)
BM504.2.K688X 1996 (LC). Reading the rabbis. FKR1391

BM506. Special orders. (Of Mishnah, Palestinian, Babylonian Talmuds A-Z) List of orders/tractates see Table 1). Yale collection in Hebrew is VERY LARGE.
BM506.N23 N48 (LC) A history of the mishnaic law of women. AAG6000
BM506.P7 B76 (LC) Support for the poor in the Mishnaic law. ACD6666

BM506.4.  Special tractates. Collection is not extensive.
BM506.4.A94 E5 1986. Fathers according to Rabbi Nathan. AEJ2273.

BM508. Tosefta. Collection is not extensive.

BM509. Special topics in Talmudic literature. Not extensive in Hebrew.
BM509.W7 A25X 1995 (LC). The women of the Talmud. FKF4761 (Cp. BM726; BM729.W6)

BM510-518. Midrash.

BM516. Aggada texts. Extensive in Hebrew.

BM517. Special Midrashim.
BM517 M75 S26X 1999 Rabbinic views of Qohelet. FMW3267

BM518. Special topics. Not extensive.

BM520-523. Halacha. Very extensive Hebrew collection.

BM520.7. Halacha. General works.
BM520.7.S75X 1998 (LC) Problems and parables of law. FLW6371

BM520.8.Commandments, 613
BM520.8.I74X 1996 (LC)  Mitzvot : a sourcebook for the 613 commandments. FKV7965

BM520.88-523. Halacha. Very extensive, but all in Hebrew.

BM520.9. Other codes. Rather extensive.
BM520.9.C66 The concise code of Jewish law. ABA8065.

BM525-526. Cabala. Mostly Hebrew. Extensive.

BM526. History and criticism.
BM526.S56X 1996 (LC).  The sefirot: ten emanations of divine power. ABA8065.

BM530-532. Myths and legends. Fairly extensive  & includes Hebrew.
BM532. Hasidic tales and legends.
BM532.C3725x 1994 (LC). Shlomo's stories. FJP7727.

BM534-538. Relation of Judaism to special topics. Mostly roman.

BM545-582. General works on principles of Judaism. Maimonides. Most of the modern is  roman.

BM585-591. Controversial works. Mostly roman.

BM600-645. Dogmatic Judaism. Cp. Theology, Doctrinal.

BM645.R4. Dogmatic Judaism. Other topics. Redemption.
BM645.R4 S36 1992 (LC). Sound the great shofar. FHF8204

BM650-727. Practical Judaism. Cp. Theology, Practical.

BM657. Forms of worship.
BM657.L8 Lulab (Lulav).
BM657.L8 S5713 1993 (LC). Halachos of the four species. FHT5597
Note that there is now a specific subject: Four species (Sukkot) which was not used on the Yale cataloging. Note also that this subject has a specific class number: BM657.F68.

BM660.675. Liturgy and ritual.

BM669. General works on prayer.
BM669.W67X 1993 (LC) Worlds of Jewish prayer. (Festschrift). FJD9562/
Note use of subject for the honoree.

BM670. Special elements of liturgy. A-Z
BM670.S45. Shema
BM670.S45 A6X 1997 (LC) The hidden beauty of the Shema. FLC8536.

BM674.6-79. Haggadah.
BM674.643 Haggadah. English trans.
BM674.643 G38X 1995 (LC) The scholars' Haggadah. FKA3782.

BM675. Other liturgical books. Extensive Hebrew collection.
BM675.H5 High holy day prayers.
BM675.H5 Z72X 1983 (LC) Understanding the High Holyday services : a popular commentary to the Machzor. PMC6626  Why not BM674.59? <in fact no items held at Yale or LC have been assigned BM674.59>

BM685. Sabbath.
BM685 O727 1993 (LC). Shabbat and electricity. FJF9134.  Could also have been assigned BM523.3.P7 (Prohibited work) or BM729.E45 (Special topics. Electric apparatus)? Search of LC catalog online seems to indicate that this would be classed at LC under BM729.E45.  

BM690-695. Festivals and fasts.
BM695. Individual festivals and fasts A-Z
BM695.P3 Passover
BM695.P35 Passover ritual ceremonies
BM695.P35 S73X 1995 (LC). Keeping passover. FKB3473

BM700-720. Rites and customs. In Hebrew, very extensive for specific rites and customs.
BM700. General works.
BM700.K593. The second Jewish book of why. FHB7337. Why not BM51?

BM707-710. Bar mitzvah. Bat mitzvah. Confirmation.
BM707.2. General works
BM707.2 B369X 1996 (LC) Bar/Bat mitzvah basics. FKW0038
Note also use of form subdiv: --Handbooks, manuals, etc.

BM723-727. Jewish way of life. Spiritual life. Mysticism. Personal religion.

BM723. General works. Most of the titles are roman; most of the focus is on the subjective: mysticism, spirituality.

Note that the subject Jewish way of life has a reference from Religious life--Judaism, so topics within this range focus on the religious life aspect, e.g.:
BM725-727.5 Religious duties
BM726. Religious duties. Women. Motherhood.
BM726 L5 1994 (LC).  Lifecycles. FKB3275
See also the scope note under Religious life in the authority record for that subject.

BM729. Special topics. Extensive; includes Hebrew.
BM729.W6 Special topics. Women.
BM729.W6 G45X 1995 (LC)  Gender and Judaism. FJV2828

BM730-747. Sermons/homiletics.
BM740.2. Sermons by individual authors. 1951-.  The biblical echo : reflections on Bible, Jews, and Judaism. FHG8816. Comment: don't confuse sermons with general addresses, essays, lectures. But perhaps this one is really a collection of ael rather than sermons?

BM746. Festival day sermons. High Holy Day sermons
BM746 G6 (LC). Give a little to God. FHG8816

BM755. Biography.
BM755.I8 D6313 (LC) In praise of the Baal Shem Tov. FHH2728.


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