PJ Examples

PJ5001-5060. Hebrew literature.

PJ5008. History. General works. ABU0548. A history of Jewish literature. Example of classed together analyzed, also a translation: PJ5008.Z5513
PJ5012.A-Z. Special topics in Hebrew literature.
PJ5012.H65. Holocaust. FHU3242. Hebrew literature in the wake of the Holocaust.
PJ5017  History & Criticism, Modern. General works. FJH9038. Hebrew and modernity.
PJ5053.V6 H313  Individual authors. 1886-1945.  AEV3722.  Married life / David Vogel.
PJ5054.A755 T513. Individual authors. 1946-1990.  FMC5669. The conversion / Aharon Appelfeld.
PJ5055.1-51. Individual authors. 1991-. Note that classification is further subdivided by first letter of author's name.  Cutter is to second letter.
PJ5055.35.A363.  Individual author, 1991, first letter N.Cutter to second letter A. FNH7730. Haviv / Rubi Namdar.

PJ5111-5192. Yiddish

PJ5115. Grammar. Treatises. FLB8628. Intensive Yiddish.
PJ5129. A15-Z. Individual authors A-Z.
PJ5129.S55 Singer, I. B. <Note that cutter is to first letter; no class. breakdown by period>
PJ5191-5192. Translations from Yiddish.  Note use of P-PZ30 table.
PJ5191.E8 W58 1986. E=English translations, 8=Prose fiction. AEY3097. A shetel and other Yiddish novellas. Note that we cuttered to W58 because we had the earlier edition which was entered pre AACR2 under the editor's name, Ruth Wisse.

PJ5271-5279. Samaritan Aramaic. P-PZ8. 5=Lexicography, dictionaries.

PJ5275  Dictionary of Samaritan Aramaic. FNA5730

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