LC Classification Schedule

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LC #   Subject
A   General Works
B   Philosophy
BC   Logic
BD   Speculative Philosophy
BF   Psychology
BH   Aesthetics
BJ 1-1187 Ethics
  1188-1530 Religious Ethics
  1531-1799 Practical Ethics
  1801-2195 Social Usages
BL   Religion
BM   Judaism
BP 1-223 Islam
  300-610 Misc. Beliefs, Theosophy, etc.
BQ   Buddhism
BR   Christianity
BS   The Bible
BT   Doctrinal Theology
BV   Practical Theology
BX   Christian Denominations
C   Sciences of History
CB   History of Civilization
CC   Archaeology
CD   Diplomatics, Archives
CE   Chronology
CJ   Numismatics
CN   Inscriptions, Epigraphy
CR   Heraldry
CS   Genealogy
CT   Biography
D   History (general)
DA   Great Britain
DB 1-879 Austria
  881-898 Lichtenstein
  901-9999 Hungary, Former Czechoslovakia, etc.
DC   France
DD   Germany
DE   Mediterranean Region
DF   Greece
DG   Italy
DH   Low Countries
DJ   Netherlands
DJK   Eastern Europe
DK   Former Soviet Union
DL   Scandinavia
DP   Iberian Peninsula
DQ   Switzerland
DR   Balkan Peninsula
DS 1-35.2 Asia, General
  35.3-99 Arab / Islamic Countries
  101-151 Israel
  153-396.9 Asia Minor
  401-498.8 India
  501-519 East Asia, The Far East
  520-689 Southeast Asia
  701-9999 China, Japan, Korea
DT Jan-42 Africa (General)
  43-346 North Africa
  347-9999 Africa
DU   Oceania (South Seas)
DX   Gypsies
E   America (General)
F 1-975 U. S. Local History
  1001-1199 British America, Canada
  1200-4000 Latin America
G   Atlases, Maps, Travels
GA   Mathematical Geography
GB   Physical Geography
GC   Oceanography
GE   Environmental Sciences
GF   Human Ecology
GN   Anthropology
GR, GT   Folklore, Customs
GV 1-198, 201-1510 Sports, Games
  199-200 Mountaineering
  1511-1799.3 Dancing
  1800-1860 Circuses & etc.
H   Social Sciences (General)
HA   Statistics
HB   Economics
HC   Economic History (Regional)
HD   Economic Conditions
HE   Transportation & Communications
HF   Commerce
HF   Accounting & Advertising
HG   Finance
HJ   Public Finance
HM   Sociology
HN   Social History
HQ   The Family, Sexual Life, Women
HS   Societies, Clubs
HT   Communities, Classes, Races
HV   Social Pathology, Criminology
HX   Socialism, Communism, Anarchism
J   Legislative and Executive Papers
JA   Collections and General Works
JC   Political Theory
JF   General Political Science Works
JK   United States Governments
JL   British & Latin America
JN   European Governments
JQ   Asia, Africa, Oceania
JS   Local Government
JV   Colonization, Emigration
JX   International Law and Relations
JZ   International Relations
K   Law
KNX, KQX   Law
L   Education
LA   History of Education
LB   Educational Psychology
LC   Special Aspects of Education
LD   Educational Institutions - U.S.
LE   Institutions, America, not U.S.
LF   European Institutions
LG   Asia, Africa, Oceania Institutions
LH   College and School Publications
LJ   Student Fraternities and Societies
LT   Textbooks
M   Music
ML   Literature of Music
MT   Musical Instruction and Study
N   Visual Arts (General)
NA   Architecture
NB   Scuplture
NC   Drawing
ND   Painting
NE   Print Media
NJ   Artists
NK   Decorative Arts
NX   Arts in General
P   Philology and Linguistics
PA Jan-05 Classical Languages & Literature
  5000-5999 Byzantine & Modern Greek Literature
  6001-8595 Ancient and Medieval Literatures
PB 1-999 Modern European Languages (Gen.)
  1001-2799 Celtic
  2800-3029 Breton
PC 1-599 Romance Languages
  601-872 Romanian Language and Literature
  890-5498 Romance Languages
PD   Germanic Languages
PE   English
PF   West Germanic
PG   Slavic, Balkan, Albanian Langs. & Lit.
PH Jan-00 Finno-Ugrian (etc.) Languages & Lit.
  5001-5490 Basque
PJ 1-499 General Works: Oriental Langs. & Lit.
  500-4499 Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
  4501-5199 Hebrew
  5201-8990 Near Eastern Languages and Literatures
  8991-9300 Ethiopian
PK Jan-99 Indo-Iranian, Sanskrit, etc.
  8001-9999 Armenian, Caucasian, Georgian, etc.
PL 1-100 Central Asian Languages
  101-299 Turkish
  300-460 Azerbaijani, Yakut, Tatar, Mongolian, etc.
  461-500 Asian Langs.
  501-889 Japanese Language and Literature
  901-998 Korean Language and Literature
  1001-3399 Chinese Languages and Literature
  3400-6199 Southeast Asian Languages and Literatures
  6200-7511 Oceanic Languages and Literature
  8000-8844 African Languages and Literature
PM Jan-95 Hyperborean Languages
  101-2999 North American Indian Languages
  3000-7399 Central and South American Indian Languages
  7800-9999 Pidgins, Creoles,Artificial Languages
PN 1-1551 Literature
  1560-1599 Performing Arts, Show Business
  1600-1930, 3311-4500 Literature
  1931-3310 Drama 
  4699-5650 Journalism
  6010-6790 Collections of General Literature
PQ 1-7060, 8600-9499, 9900-9999 Romance Literatures
  7061-8599, 9500-9899 Latin American Literatures
PR   English Literature
PS   American Literature
PT   Germanic Literatures
PZ   Juvenile Belles Lettres
Q 1-299 Science (General)
  300-999 Cybernetics, Information Theory
QA Jan-73 Mathematics
  75-76.99 Computer Science
  77-999 Mathematics
QB   Astronomy
QC   Physics
QD   Chemistry
QE   Geology
QH   Natural History and Biology
QK   Botany
QL   Zoology
QM   Human Anatomy
QP   Physiology
QR   Microbiology
R   Medicine
S   Agriculture
SB   Plant Culture
SD   Forestry
SF   Animal Culture
SH   Aquaculture
SK   Hunting
T   Technology (General)
TA   Engineering
TC   Hydraulic Engineering
TD   Environmental Technology
TE-TG   Transportation Engineering
TH   Building Construction
TJ   Mechanical Engineering, Machinery
TK   Electrical Engineering
TL   Motor Vehicles
TN   Mining Engineering
TP   Chemical Technology
TR   Photography
TS   Manufactures
TT   Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts
TX   Home Economics
U-UH   Military Science
V   Naval Science
Z   Bibliography and Library Science
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